Bonesaw Brewing to Open the “Pilot House” at the Deptford Mall

Some of the beer currently available at Bonesaw Brewing. -Photo via Mya Calderon

Glassboro’s Bonesaw Brewing Co. will be opening a second location called the Bonesaw Pilot House in the Deptford Mall, according to their Facebook post on March 1. 

Bonesaw is an almost entirely family-run brewery that opened in 2018. The family members that put the plan in action include Rich DiVerniero, who had always dreamed of opening a brewery, his brother-in-law David Doe, the “financial wizard,” and Alan Doe who had the experience.

“They’re genuinely the nicest people you’ll ever meet, it does feel like a family. If I ever need anything, they’re right there to help me out,” Erin Taylor, the assistant controller at Bonesaw, said.

Taylor, who was hired four years ago, makes sure that the finances run smoothly. Her passion for craft beer started when she was 21, with the help of her older siblings. 

“Rich pops in and out pretty much every day. He’s an orthopedic surgeon and does a lot of surgeries right up the street, so every Monday he’ll come in, he’s like ‘oh I did like six surgeries this morning’ and you’ll just see him messing with something in the back,” Taylor said. “He’s very hands-on oriented, incredibly intelligent, mechanically smart, so if there’s anything broken, he’s like ‘oh I’ll fix it myself.’”

“David Doe pops in throughout the week as well, while Alan Doe is the general manager of the taproom and frequently commutes from Florida to check-in,” Taylor said. 

According to Taylor, the Pilot House will focus on “small-batch, experimental brews” and with the heavy foot traffic in the mall, they hope to gain a wider range of clientele.

“It’s local and we like to represent local,” Taylor said. “The goal is to be successful and to have everyone know who you are and expand. It’s close enough where we’re still in the heart of where we are, but it’s far enough that we can get an entirely different group of people. The mall approached us and said they had this space.”

They had been going back and forth with the mall nearly two years before the pandemic, trying to figure out what would work best for both parties, according to Taylor, and hope to open by the end of the year.

According to Taylor, there won’t be an entrance to the Pilot House through the mall. 

“If you’re coming in, you’re coming in through our front door. If you’re leaving, you’re leaving our front door,” Taylor said. 

Although the Glassboro location hasn’t had any issues with minors in the past, the second location will be just as diligent with asking for identification, according to Taylor. Their signature and top-selling beer, Swoosh, may still be available at the new location, but the Pilot House will mainly focus on new beers.

Bonesaw has a wide variety of flavored beers including Irish Queen, which has a similar taste to Irish coffee. During the summer, they have Queensicle, an orange-vanilla cream ale, which reminds drinkers of the taste of a creamsicle. 

“We have, I think, eight lagers on tap right now, which is unheard of for a craft brewery,” Taylor said. “Lagers are a lot harder to make, and our brewmaster, AJ, has done a great job at perfecting it. And that’s why we have The Lager Loft coming, just because that’s his favorite thing to do and he does it really well.”

The Lager Loft, which will be German beer-themed, will be an additional taproom upstairs in the original Bonesaw building, Taylor noted. 

The second taproom will also serve as a spot for private events and will hopefully be up and running in the summer, as they wait for the bar to be finished. The light fixtures are custom made using barrels by DiVerniero.

“It took about 16 hours for each one,” DiVerniero said.

The room also features a curved barrel wall to make bar patrons feel like they’re in a beer barrel, while the rest of the walls are made of stone with warm wood tables to provide a comforting and welcoming atmosphere.

“We’re excited, we’re ready to go,” Taylor said.

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