RAH Goes Cross-Country with “Destination Weekend”

An assortment of signs are laid out for students to decorate during "Destination Weekend" from March 3 to March 5. - Photo / Jack Trabucco

Last week, Rowan After Hours hosted “Destination Weekend,” a three-day event with activities themed around major American cities. The event began on Thursday, March 3 and lasted  through Saturday, March 5, beginning with fabulous Las Vegas.  

RAH’s trip to Sin City turned the Student Center into a casino. The floor was absolutely buzzing  as attendants bet, raised, folded and busted their way through blackjack and poker to win raffle tickets towards various prizes, including a $200 record player.

Meanwhile, waiters and waitresses milled about, ensuring the guests kept up their strength with a variety of buffet-style food and delicious mocktail drinks. 

Night two was Hollywood-themed, and attendants came out in droves to enjoy a night of fame with their friends. Guests enjoyed taking pictures in the photo booth, and making their own Hollywood Walk of Fame stars, while enjoying another buffet. 

The main attraction, however, was sign making. Attendants could pick from a variety of template signs and complete them in any way they chose, making both personal keepsakes and highly sentimental gifts for friends.  

The last night came back home for a trip to New York City, with an emphasis on Broadway. The  musical stylings of Frank Sinatra and show tunes of old filled the Student Center, while guests sang karaoke and treated themselves to delicious New York bagels. 

New York night also featured various forms of street art; another sign making table was present, but the biggest draw was the creation of personalized hats and shirts, with air-brushed paint and decals. Guests went home singing their favorite musical numbers while decked out in authentic Manhattan merch.  

In a country as large and diverse as the United States, the stunning variety in art and culture between cities is more than enough to see for any world-hungry traveler.  

While people might not be able to backpack across the country to experience these different cities, RAH can bring that excitement and culture to the student center for a fantastic “Destination Weekend.”

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