RAH Concludes Black History Month With “Black Jeopardy”

RAH concluded its Black History Month events with "Black Jeopardy." - Photo / Kariyah Bennett

Rowan After Hours concluded their Black History Month series with Black Jeopardy on Saturday, Feb. 26.  

After the turnout that was generated last year, RAH decided to bring the event back and made it even bigger this year. The game overall consisted of more rounds, and featured trivia questions that raised eyebrows and turned heads. 

The event was highly educational. At one point, there was a lesson on the significance of Haitian Flag Day. 

The competition heated up as people poured in to win alluring prizes, and the glory of knowing the most about Black history. More teams joined the fray as the game went on.

 The prizes continued getting larger as players competed throughout the night.

Players and spectators also enjoyed the soul food that RAH provided, which brought more authenticity to the Black cultural event. The spread consisted of fried chicken and macaroni and cheese.

Teams had the opportunity to win $60 dollars in Rowan Bucks, split up evenly between all teammates, or the entire prize if you played by yourself. In the four rounds, RAH distributed $240 total in Rowan Bucks. 

RAH is looking forward to expanding the series next year and becoming even more diverse and inclusive. More cultural events hosted by the SCCA can be found on their website as well as Proflink.

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