Bennett: The Sweetest Restaurant in New York City

Features intern Kariyah Bennett enjoys a coconut cream martini from the Sugar Factory restaurant in New York City. - Photo / Kariyah Bennett

The Sugar Factory is a restaurant that I’ve seen trending all over social media, known for its enormous drinks and amazing bar food. So, when I spent my spring break in the city, I had to stop there.  

When we walked in, you couldn’t tell it was the Sugar Factory at first. Once the host seated us at the table it was a completely different style from when we walked in. I was surrounded by neon lights and pastels that felt like you were at a party. The atmosphere was electric with conversations between the families, the loud music and the decorations all around.

Of course, the time came to order drinks, and I had a coconut cream pie martini. Between the mixture of the chocolate and the coconut, it was a beautiful combination that tasted like a pie with a twist. The glass was significantly bigger than a typical martini glass, and was coated with chocolate and coconut flakes. 

Finally, it was time to order, and I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich. You could taste the tanginess and the juiciness of the tender, marinated in a spicy buffalo sauce that dripped off the brioche buns. It was topped off with crispy golden fries.

My friend, Julia Versace, had Cajun chicken alfredo pasta. Serving as a mixture of some heat from the Cajun seasoning and the creaminess of the alfredo sauce, it was topped off and smothered with grilled, juicy chicken.

Another element that added to the experience is the fact that The Sugar Factory really enjoys celebrating birthday parties. When I saw a birthday celebration happening — with quite a lot going on — the staff came out with huge sparklers, an enormous drink and a dessert. 

Although I enjoyed the ambiance and the atmosphere, a major critique I had was the loud music. This made it harder to hear and talk with my group of friends and the waiter, himself. I felt like I was screaming the entire time, not because of the overall noise, just due to the music volume.  However, the meal and service more than made up for that flaw.

If you’re looking for an affordable restaurant to visit in New York, this is not the place for you. If you’re looking for a restaurant to splurge at, this could be your new favorite place to dine. 

The big glasses you see trending on social media were $40 just for the drink, however, the martini I ordered was a little more reasonable at $18. The food price ranged from $22 and up, depending on the entrée. But the experience I had there made the price worth it.

There are three Sugar Factory restaurants located in the tri-state area in Philadelphia, Atlantic City and New York City for customers in need of a sugar rush.

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