Anne-Marie Bottazzi Scholarship Continues Her Legacy of Giving

Bottazzi was described as a warm and welcoming individual with a wonderful style and beautiful personality. -Photo via Bottazi's Obituary on

Anne-Marie Bottazzi’s compassion for life drove her to make her life’s purpose of helping others. Even after her passing at age 62, Bottazzi continues to help others.

Bottazzi graduated from Glassboro State College in 1978. Bottazzi was a student of the department of communications and had a career in public relations.

According to an announcement made by Rowan University, starting in spring 2022, students a part of the Ric Edelman College of Communication & Creative Arts have the opportunity to apply for the Anne-Marie Bottazzi Scholarship for Excellence in Academics and Leadership.

The Anne-Marie Bottazzi Scholarship rewards two $5,000 scholarships to seniors who have demonstrated excellence and leadership throughout their time at Rowan. In order to apply for the scholarship seniors must be majoring in public relations, journalism or creative writing while participating in clubs and organizations such as the Student Government Association or Public Relations Student Society of America— two clubs that Bottazzi was affiliated with. 

The scholarship will be fully funded by Jean and Ric Edelman, dear friends of Bottazzi. 

“I think that this scholarship will benefit students. Students’ senior year are often busy and for students in clubs and organizations like the one required for this scholarship, it can be hard to find time to work and earn money.,” Kayla Parisi, a sophomore English education major, said. “Being able to potentially earn money for their senior year can help ease these students’ financial burdens.”

Bottazzi was described as a warm and welcoming individual with a wonderful style and beautiful personality. She was loved by many people, including her husband, Joseph Bottazzi, whom she met during her time at Glassboro State College. 

During her free time, Bottazzi was heavily involved in her community. According to her obituary, Mrs. Bottazzi trained their family dog to become a therapy dog for local senior homes alongside volunteering for the Crisis Text Line.

The Anne-Marie Bottazzi scholarship aims to help dedicated students in communication and creative writing majors as well as keep Bottazzi’s memory alive. 

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