Valentine’s Day Viewing Recommendations

Robert Pattinson and Emily De Ravin star in the 2010 romance drama, "Remember Me." / Photo via

February is here and with it comes the most controversial holiday of all. Some people find it romantic while others find it overrated. Regardless of which side you’re on, it’s impossible to deny that Valentines Day is just around the corner. In celebration, and defeat, here are some of the best things to watch that the season of love has to offer.


Wanda Pierce from “Bojack Horseman” once said, “When you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.” If that’s the case, Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, must look like the Olympics Opening Ceremony. 

He’s obsessive, manipulative and possessive but, ultimately, impossible to hate. He cares deeply for those he loves and would do anything– and I mean anything, to protect them.

Joe is your average bookseller with a tumultuous childhood who keeps his head down as he attempts to find meaning and happiness in life. In walks Guinevere Beck and it is love at first sight. The only problem? She’s taken and way out of his league. Now the awkward book nerd must find his way into her way of life and steal her heart away— through any means necessary. “You” is a show for love cynics and hopeless romantics alike. All three seasons can be found on Netflix.

“Remember Me”

Want a love story that will have you in tears? This is the film for you. The 2010 movie, starring Robert Pattinson, follows the life of Tyler Hawkins. Shortly after his brother’s suicide, his parents divorce and Tyler finds himself in the middle of a broken family. Grief, regret and anger fill his every thought and trap him in the depths of despair. 

That is until he meets Aly, played by Emilie de Ravin, a young woman who spends her days searching for the bright side after witnessing her mother’s murder. She challenges him and comforts him, even when he is not returning the favor.

The two entangle themselves in an intense, yet genuine, relationship as she helps him to grow. Things seem to be going great until an event occurs that will change their lives forever. This heartbreaking, yet beautiful, love story can be streamed on Showtime or purchased through Youtube, Apple TV or Google Play.

“What’s Your Number?”

This romantic comedy hidden gem from 2011 features well-known actors such as Anna Faris, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Joel McHale, Anthony Mackie, Matt Bomber and Andy Samburg. 

Ally Darling, played by Faris, is going through a crisis. After her relationship fizzles out and she loses her marketing job, she realizes that her life is in pieces. In response, she sets feminism back ten years and goes to seek out a man to solve her problems and give her life meaning again.

After seeing an article in a magazine claiming that women who have slept with over twenty men are unlikely to find a husband, she sets out to find her husband amongst her previous lovers. She recruits her neighbor Colin, played by Chris Evans, to help her on this quest. He’s funny. He’s attractive. And he always has a woman spending the night. What better partner for her to track down her true love with? “What’s Your Number?” is not available for streaming at this time, but can be purchased through YouTube, Apple TV and Google Play.


Among highlights of quarantine releases, “Bridgerton” is one of the most popular and entertaining period-piece romances of recent times. It follows the tale of Daphne Bridgerton, the Queen’s “diamond of first water,” as she navigates the challenging landscape of love and marriage. 

After her brother ruins her best chance at an engagement, Daphne must play the game to correct her brother’s mistake and reignite herself as the most-desirable catch of the town. This involves her striking up an alliance with the charming, yet elusive, Duke Simon Bassett, played by Regé-Jean Page.

As their fake relationship unfurls, Daphne finds it harder to guard her heart. The plot thickens as Simon confesses he has sworn off love in its entirety. Their love story is just one of many demonstrated within “Bridgerton,” which can be streamed exclusively on Netflix.

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