RMG’s Rescheduled “Snowcase” Concert to be Held at Landmark 

RMG Snowcase concert will be held at Landmark on Wednesday, Feb. 23. / Flier made by Ally Lovich

After a last-minute postponement in December, Rowan Music Group (RMG) will finally host its fourth annual “Snowcase” concert live and in person on Wednesday, Feb. 23, at Landmark Americana. Doors will open at 7:30 p.m. with music starting at 8 p.m. 

Rowan Music Group is a student-run record label through Rowan’s music industry programs’ Artist Services (I-III) courses. Students are divided into nine departments depending on the individual’s interests, skills and qualifications. Each department works together to complete whatever project is prioritized at the time. Whether it’s releasing singles, EPs, albums or hosting shows, RMG provides music industry students with real experience at a functioning record label.

This year’s Snowcase setlist features a diverse group of Rowan artists spanning multiple genres. This collection of musicians is a microcosm of the Rowan music scene as there are artists of seemingly every style and niche genre. RMG’s Next Up compilation released last spring perfectly displays this wide range, as all nine artists brought unique talents to the table. 

Starting off the night at this year’s Snowcase will be upbeat singer and songwriter Daniel Cha, whose most recent single, “High Energy,” is available on all platforms. He’ll be followed by the pop-punk group Set Into Motion who released their seven-song EP “Something Exciting” last year. The articulate hip-hop acts of LamarxLegend, from Baltimore, Maryland, and MITRAE, from Newark, New Jersey, will each perform before R&B vocalists Jayla Alexandra and Nina Woods will conclude the night with their respective sets.

RMG’s previous Snowcase shows have been major successes, both financially and in exposure for the label and its artists. Despite being limited to a livestream Snowcase in 2019, RMG feels as though this year’s show can be just as good, if not better, than any they’ve hosted before.

RMG’s touring and A&R departments have been especially busy with the postponement. After acquiring all the talent necessary for December’s show, they were responsible for rescheduling or replacing each artist.  

“We are definitely trying to make it more special this time,” Liam Devenny, manager of RMG’s touring department, said. 

If you’re a regular at Landmark on the weekends, the Snowcase is a great excuse to pop out on a Wednesday. For just $5 a ticket, this year’s Snowcase is set to be the best one yet. 

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