Spiritualistic Study Club Kicked Off Semester With Virtual Event

Rowan's Spiritualistic Study Club held its first event of the semester on January, 25, 2022. Photo / Pixabay.com

Wax melts, nature walks and meditation exercises highlighted the Rowan Spiritualistic Study Club’s virtual kick-off on Tuesday, Jan. 25. 

Board members of the Spiritualistic Study Club hosted an informational meeting on Tuesday showcasing multiple fundraisers, activities and events for any Rowan student to partake in. 

Club President, Holly Felker, announced the most important event would be held Friday, Feb. 4 at 4 p.m. Students can meet the board, chat with members and learn more information about the club.

“The SSC is a group for people of various spiritual practices to come together and have fun while learning from each other,” Felker said. Those who attend the in-person kick-off should expect games, tarot cards and raffles. 

The club plans to have wax melts and spell jars on sale during its first of multiple fundraisers this semester. They also intend to create co-sponsorships with other Rowan organizations. Success in this area could mean more fundraisers and holiday celebrations for the ever-growing spiritual community to take part in.

The SSC has an all-inclusive Discord, where the members can talk with each other relating to a spiritual topic or simply relax in their dedicated meditation channel. Other threads in the Discord range from astrology to crystals, and are filled with whole-hearted conversations from highly passionate members.

Even the subtlest interest in any of the previously stated activities should result in attendance at the in-person event – the raffle at worst “gives you a chance at free stuff” board members joked. Attendees will be treated to free food and music nonetheless. 

Though the club already had its first meeting, students interested in spirituality can follow the club’s Instagram page, @rowanssc, or contact the club president via email at rowanssc@gmail.com.

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