Six Holiday Hits Available for Streaming

Tim Allen stars in the 1994 holiday film, "The Santa Clause." / Photo via

The weather outside may be frightful, but the holiday movies are delightful. Take time to de-stress from finals, slip into the Christmas spirit and sip on some hot chocolate while enjoying these festive films available for streaming.

“White Christmas” (1954)

This holiday classic is perfect for audiences young and old. Released in 1954, this film’s themes and loveable characters are just as engaging as they were over fifty years ago. When two young showgirls catch the attention of two male showrunners, the crew find themselves preparing for a performance at an inn in Vermont.

This complicates an already stressful performance schedule with unplanned romances and struggles in maintaining a work-life balance. Beautifully decked halls and festive décor further the tone of holiday cheer throughout the film. Featuring the acting and music of Christmas legend Bing Crosby, and the added talents of Vera-Ellen, Rosemary Clooney and Danny Kaye, this film, available on Netflix, is sure to entertain. 

“The Holiday” (2006) 

Who could ask for a better gift than a movie starring Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Kate Winslet and Jude Law? After realizing her partner has been cheating on her, Amanda (Diaz) goes in search of a holiday getaway. Lucky for her, Iris’s (Winslet) long-term crush has recently announced his engagement and she is looking to escape. After finding each other online, the pair swap their California mansion and charming English cottage for the holidays.

They set out on their quest to avoid the men they lost, only to stumble into the paths of two very eligible bachelors. Will they succeed in running away from their boy troubles or will the possibility of true love lure them into more? Check out this film on Hulu to find out!

“The Santa Clause” (1994)

Ever wonder how the mantle of Santa Claus gets passed down? Divorced father Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) finds out one fateful Christmas Eve. After hearing noises on his roof, he wanders out into the snow to investigate, only to discover Santa with his reindeer. Alert, he calls out to the stranger on his roof, startling the man and causing him to fall. Scott runs over to check on him, only to find that his body has completely disappeared, leaving only the red suit and a small message behind. That message means he is to be the new Santa Claus. Watch Scott learn how to fill a pretty big suit while handling holiday havoc across three movies, available for streaming on Disney Plus.

“Iron Man 3” (2013) 

Move over “Die Hard”, there is a new borderline Christmas movie in town. While the weather gets cold, an old enemy heats up, literally. Spurned scientist Aldrich Killian, once humiliated and left stood-up by Tony Stark, returns to reduce Tony’s life to ashes by creating an army of fire-enhanced experiments. Now, this ego-centric superhero must decide between keeping those he loves safe and becoming the hero once and for all. It’s action-packed, fast-paced, humorous and contains numerous nods to the Christmas season! It’s also available for streaming on Disney Plus. 

“Klaus” (2019)

If animated, heart-warming movies are more your speed, “Klaus” is the film for you. After flunking out of school, Jesper is sent to the freezing North. He’s meant to be the postmaster for the small town whose residents won’t even talk to each other, let alone mail each other things. While struggling to build up the community’s joy in sharing things with each other, Jesper meets a strong and mysterious old man by the name of Klaus.

He soon learns that Klaus is a skilled toymaker with a tragic backstory. The pair find companionship, happiness and a bit of holiday cheer as they work together to spread that joy with the rest of Smeerensburg. This Netflix original film spreads the very important message of community and showcases how a bit of kindness can go a long way.

“Nailed It: Holidays” (2018)

Imagine “The Great British Baking Show” but instead of trained bakers, you have a bunch of extremely amateur at-home bakers. Watch as three average people attempt to recreate confections designed and created by top professionals in an attempt to win $10,000. The show is hosted by the enthusiastic and dramatic Nicole Brown and French pastry chef, Jacques Torres. It’s perfect for some laughs and holiday treat ideas and its two seasons are available for streaming on Netflix.

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