“Get Back” on Disney Plus appeals to both die-hard and casual fans of The Beatles. Peter Jackson, director of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, created this captivating mini-series following the group’s journey to create the Let It Be album. 

The Beatles were one of the greatest bands of the twentieth century and it is great to see a documentary like this one shed light on the ups and downs of their careers. 

The first part of this three-part documentary is a little slow but gives background information on the group. We are basically given a front-row seat into the rehearsal process and creation of their album. The group was given three weeks to create and record an album before performing for a live audience for the first time in three years. 

As a Beatles fan, I recognized most of the songs the group played. I liked how it was different from most documentaries where there are historians speaking about the group and what they did. We actually get to hear the voices and see the mannerisms of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison.

I enjoyed seeing how the men interacted and joked with each other during what seemed to be a stressful time. The documentary not only showed the good bits, but also the hard times during the three weeks, which showed that these men are human and just like everyone else. 

A lot of the documentary showed the men smoking and drinking as they rehearsed and tried to get on the same page. As the days progressed, Harrison seemed to be getting distant from the band. As tensions rose, he decided to take a break from the band, leading to his days-log disappearance. 

I felt that the drama that takes place really captured my attention and pulled me in to keep watching. While each part lasted two and a half hours, I felt the director did a great job of putting this documentary together. 

Each part of the documentary is focused on certain stages within the album-making process, from rehearsals, to the final concert that was held on the rooftop of their own building. A lot of the songs that the band rehearsed would end up on their album, Abbey Road which they recorded after their rooftop performance. 

Even those who are just casual fans of The Beatles will be enchanted by this documentary. As a viewer, you get the feeling of being right there in every rehearsal listening to them play and hearing every conversation. Watching Yoko Ono interact with John and the band brings a lighter feel to the sessions as well. 

My final verdict on the “The Beatles: Get Back” documentary is that even if you do not really like the band, try watching this series. The way this series is set up brings a new light to who the band is and shows that they are just like anyone else.

This series shows the audience the creative process that goes into each album the band created and witnessing everything in real-time. The fact that 50 years later this band is still a topic of conversation and worth creating a docuseries is incredible. 

I believe that this documentary was created for dedicated Beatles like myself and those who aren’t too sure about them. I recommend this for those big into music and those who are curious to learn more about these legends. 

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