Senior Spotlight: Hydia Bearfield, Class of 2022


She’s a model, the president of two multicultural organizations at Rowan, and she’s a mother. If there’s one phrase to describe senior Hydia Bearfield, it would be “girl boss.”

Hydia Bearfield is a senior theatre major with a concentration in technical design. She will also obtain a minor in both education and entrepreneurship. 

Bearfield transferred from the Rowan College of Burlington County (RCBC), a community college affiliated with the university. After graduating from RCBC in 2020, Bearfield was eager to begin her journey at Rowan University. Because it was also closer to her community and hometown, the university was a perfect fit. 

But it wasn’t smooth sailing right away. Bearfield admitted that she couldn’t find her way around Rowan when she first came to the campus. Transferring from a community college to a university is a major change of pace for lots of transfers.

As a transfer, commuter, and first-generation college student, Bearfield made the most of her time at Rowan by getting involved.

Bearfield spends a lot of time with the extracurriculars where she is an executive board member. These organizations include the Black Student Union, Beauty in Distress, and Rowan Love and Luxe. All three of the clubs are centered around uplifting and uniting the Black and multicultural students across the campus.

Bearfield attributes her success and passion partially to the SJICR faculty that helped her succeed.

“The DEI and ASCEND leads take really good care of me,” Bearfield said. “But the Africana Studies [program] and Dr. Sadler in the Wellness center are always supporting me in more ways than one.”

This support played a huge role in Bearfield’s life. Like with every student at Rowan University, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Bearfield’s college experience. She persevered with the help of her friends and family and looks to make the most of her senior year now that there are on-campus activities.

In discussion of some of Bearfield’s favorite aspects of Rowan, she noted that she enjoyed a few places across the campus that were great studying spots.

“My favorite place on campus is either the patio seating area or the game room when it was open. A lot of friends would gather there to chat and even do homework,” Bearfield said. “I also like the multicultural lounge, where I can sneak away for naps.”

Bearfield recalls her favorite Rowan memory being when she lived on campus, because she could hang out with her new family and friends who would soon be vital relationships for her during her time at Rowan. 

Upon graduation, Bearfield would love to start her career and spend more time with her baby boy.

With the help of her multicultural family at Rowan, Bearfield appreciates all the support she received.

“The dynamics for multicultural students are small but very meaningful here.” Bearfield said.

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