Local Mental Health Resources

Below are 10 local mental health resources, available for free or minimal cost, available for use any time of day. - Photo via Pixabay.com

Though Mental Health Awareness month is in May, having mental health resources year-round is just as important. Mental health awareness should be a topic of discussion 365 days of the year. 

It’s important that college students take care of their mental health right now because of everything going on in the world. The pandemic, social and political unrest, and even personal issues contribute to one’s mental health struggles.

I’ve compiled a list of mental health resources available for free, 24/7, or at a minimal cost. 

  1. Crisis Text Line (741741)

This is a national resource that anyone seeking mental health support has at their fingertips. When someone is in a “crisis,” which is any painful emotion and anytime one needs support, they text one of the keywords – “HOME,” “START,” or “HELLO.” From there, the one who sent the text message will be paired with a counselor to assist their mental health needs.

2. 7 Cups

7 Cups offers a variety of communities to provide support and personal connection. From this central hub, people can explore and join new communities and get updates from the communities you subscribe to. Users are encouraged to grow at their own pace through the app, the forum is free 24/7, and confidential therapy is affordable for $150 a month.

3. Headspace Series on Netflix

Headspace and Netflix teamed up to release two series of meditation videos and one interactive video. One series has eight episodes that talk about different meditation guides, from letting go to achieving limitless potential. The other series focuses more on achieving better sleep. There is also one interactive video that caters to the viewer’s interest about what kind of meditation they would like to practice.

4. William Way 

The William Way LGBT Community Center in Philadelphia services those in the community and its allies. Some of the services and events they have include social groups, networking events, and counseling and support services. According to its website, “The Center consistently strives to provide new and innovative programs for the LGBTQIA+ communities throughout Greater Philadelphia.”

5. The Attic Youth Center 

The Attic Youth Center is Philadelphia’s only independent LGBTQ youth center. The center focuses on creating opportunities for LGBTQ+ youth to develop into happy, healthy adults while promoting the acceptance of LGBTQ youth in society. The center has workshops and training programs provided by the Bryson Institute, as well as mental health counseling.

6. Steven A. Cohen Clinic at Penn Medicine

The Steven A. Cohen Clinic at Penn Medicine provides high-quality mental health care for veterans and military members at no cost and with no long waits. The Philadelphia-based veteran service provides talk therapy, medication management, as well as short- and medium-term outpatient behavioral health care. Typically, the clinic does not like to have long-term options, but patients can request longer care as needed. 

7. Corporal Michael J. Crescenz Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center

The Corporal Michael J. Crescenz Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center provides a variety of primary care services, including behavioral health care. Besides therapy services, education and career counseling, and mental health services, the medical center also provides “returning service member care” for those coming home from the military and returning to civilian life.

8. Black Brain Campaign  

Founded in 2016, the Black Brain Campaign is a non-profit organization that works to eradicate the stigma against mental illness in the black community. The organization has a number of licensed black therapists and provides free individual and family counseling, training courses for therapists, supervision, and community resources.

9. Studio 34 

Studio 34 is a yoga and wellness center that provides multiple classes. The workshops and classes that the studio provides include acupuncture, counseling, therapy, wellness coaching, massage, and meditation. According to the studio website, “it has offered affordable yoga classes, workshops, and art shows for those who seek healing, as well as space for wellness practitioners to provide various forms of therapy, from acupuncture to massage to psychotherapy & more.”

10.  Hispanic Community Counseling Services

The Hispanic Community Counseling Services is a Latino-operated, community-based agency offering behavioral and mental health intervention services that enable individuals and families in the Hispanic community to work on personal challenges. The HCCS mission is to “provide quality mental health, substance abuse, and human services that promote resilience and recovery in children, adolescents, adults, and families in a multilingual, multicultural, trauma-informed, person-first environment.”

11. Hispanic Family Center of Southern NJ, Inc. 

Since 1976, the Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey has been providing services to the city of Camden and has since expanded to a comprehensive, multicultural human services organization that provides a variety of services to residents across Southern New Jersey. Some of the services include providing adult education and training, assisting with concrete services, and conducting specialized counseling and prevention services.

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