Bennett: ‘Pats Select Pizza | Grill’ Review

The Santa Fe Rolls are one of the many appetizers offered at the "Pats Select Pizza | Grill." - Photo via

The aroma of tomato sauce, garlic and grilled chicken filled the serene green room of an Italian-style restaurant named “Pats Select Pizza | Grill.”

“Pats Select Pizza | Grill” is a family-owned chain restaurant with a variety of locations in Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania. The one I went to, in Washington Township, didn’t disappoint my dinner date ( my mother) or me, whatsoever. As soon as we went inside the establishment,  we were seated within 10 minutes at our preferred seating.  

The waitress approached us with the sweetest and brightest smile as we ordered our drinks. We ordered nothing special — just everyday water with lemon.  

It wasn’t until we ordered the appetizer that the whole experience became a game-changer.

We had “Santa Fe Rolls” stuffed with glazed grilled chicken, the blackest of black beans and corn. They were topped with Monterey jack cheese and a savory chipotle-type sauce. Saying it was a fiesta in my mouth wouldn’t even compare, or describe, how delicious they were. However, if you are sensitive to spices, I would recommend something less extreme such as the cheesesteak rollups.  

“Pats Select Pizza | Grill” is primarily known for its specialty pizza and flatbreads, which are amazing with their tomato sauce dripping cheeses and flavorful toppings. I wanted to try a different side of their menu.  

My mom and I decided to order from their healthier side of the menu, and two words come to mind when I describe how the meal was: game-changer. The dish was a juicy, mouth-watering, balsamic-glazed charcoal-grilled chicken covered in hot, boiling aged provolone cheese, serenaded with basil marinated grilled mixed vegetables to compliment the dish into one sweet symphony of flavor in your mouth.

The vegetables were, surprisingly, my favorite part of the entire dish. The glaze mixed with the juices from the vegetables and blended so well that I ate the mushrooms, which I never eat, just so the flavors wouldn’t leave my taste buds. 

My mom had roasted salmon and, again, I could taste the sweet harmony of the horseradish, basil and the perfect smoke charred salmon. Personally, I’m not a fan of seafood but the salmon texture reminded me of a juicy grilled chicken and did not give me the fishy taste whatsoever. 

Finally, we finished with an exclusive special of “Blood Orange Tart.” The best way I could describe it is if orange marmalade, cheesecake, and angel food cake had a baby. Personally, the mixture of the cheesecake filling, the zest from the orange marmalade, the soft and smoothness from the tart and the freshness of the berries gave a unique texture and taste in my mouth that I never experienced before. Honestly, it was like I was kissed by the sweetness angel.  

The service from “Pats Select Pizza | Grill” was phenomenal. The waitress had the most warming smile and checked on us enough times to make sure we were doing alright but it was not excessive to the point we couldn’t enjoy our meal or experience. 

The environment was warm and cozy, with bits of greens and wood décor throughout the establishment. Overall, for a dinner for two and a 20% tip, we spent $70. It was well worth it for a wonderful evening out.

Honestly, this restaurant was well worth the money spent and I would give it a five-star rating. If you’re looking to have a wonderful night out with a loved one that’s affordable, I would highly recommend “Pats Select Pizza | Grill.”

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