REVIEW: Joe and Love’s Love Unfolds “You” Season 3 *Spoiler-Alert*


Season three of the Netflix hit series, “You” premiered Friday, Oct. 15, starring Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti playing Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn. 

The main characters return, with Joe as a mellow, discrete and likable person, whereas, Love is a more aggressive, impulsive and irrational decision-maker. Both come together as partners-in-crime throughout the show. 

The couple starts off with a “clean slate” in a suburban area with a supposedly picture-perfect lifestyle. They are both raising their baby boy together. On the contrary, Love feels like she is handling her family by herself without support from Joe. She starts to notice a major shift in her marriage when Joe becomes cold and distant with her. 

Love is an evil genius, just like her partner. She realized that she forced him to be with her because she was pregnant. Fathers decide to stay in the picture for their children. This series showed a lot of real life events. The question is, how long can you stay with someone if you don’t truly love them? What measures will you take to be happy and relieve yourself from the stress? 

Rotten Tomatoes critics rated the popular show 94 percent. On the contrary, the audience score was much lower at 67 percent. 

Joe is considered more likable in this season, because he is trying to do what’s best for everyone and himself. The problem is, Love will do whatever it costs to save her marriage. Even if it takes murdering people. This is when Joe comes to clean up her mess. He is getting extremely fed up with her since he was forced to stay for the sake of their child.

The couple attempted couples therapy for professional guidance. The therapist noticed the tone of voice, attitude and characteristics immediately from the two. The problem with Love was that she was impulsive and did not know how to communicate properly with Joe. Love knows he hasn’t truly been present and putting in the effort. At this point, their relationship is beyond repair and toxic that a professional’s advice won’t make much progress. 

The marvelous idea Joe thought of was to have a divorce and co-parent with Love. When Joe mentioned the absurd “D” word in the final episode, Love wanted to murder him.

You can’t force someone to love you and that is exactly what happened. Joe felt out of love with Love. 

The person who ended up killed was a vaccine skeptic, because Love’s baby ended up getting the measles from the anti-vaxxer’s child. This is a common problem in our modern world where there are pro-vaxers and anti-vaxxers.

In the finale, Joe wins the battle and murders Love because he knew she was plotting to kill him. After all, he noticed her planting new flowers that were poisonous. Joe did his research and was one step ahead of her. He knew this was his only option to begin his own journey.

Joe staged his death as well, to make it seem as if Love murdered him. He cut off his toe as evidence and burned down the house with Love in it. He wrote a letter on the laptop explaining how Love did all this.

After the fact, he left his baby boy at his co-workers’ doorsteps who is blind, but has so much love for children. Joe knew this was the best way for his son to have a good life and a promising future. 

Season 4 will take place in France, where Joe is starting a new chapter.

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