Rowan University to add More Real Estate to Campus

The Glassboro Intermediate School. - Photo via

Earlier this month, Rowan University purchased Glassboro Intermediate School, home to the Glassboro Bulldogs. Glassboro Intermediate School is located just outside Rowan University’s campus, across from Walgreens, and currently teaches grades seven and eight. 

The Glassboro Intermediate School building originally opened in 1930 to serve as the Glassboro High School.

In a letter sent to the parents of current Glassboro Intermediate students, Superintendent of Schools Mark J. Silverstein said, “I am happy to see this historic property remaining as an educational institution.” 

In the future, the building will serve Rowan University with “non-student facing administrative functions,” according to Arijit De, Rowan University’s Assistant Vice President for Facilities, Planning, & Operations. 

“[The purchase] would have minimal impact on the [Rowan] students,” De said. 

However, the purchase will have an impact on current Glassboro Intermediate School students. Current students will remain in the building during the 2021-2022 school year but will be moved to other Glassboro schools the following year so that Rowan University can move administrative offices into the building.

“Our goal for September 2022 is to transition Bowe into a sixth-to-eighth-grade school and Bullock into a first-to-fifth-grade school,” Superintendent Silverstein said.

Dorothy L. Bullock School currently teaches first to third grade while the Thomas E. Bowe school teaches fourth through sixth grades.

As the school year progresses, Rowan students will likely hear more about the purchase of Glassboro Intermediate School and its effects on students.  

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