Rowan to Implement Mandatory Vaccination Policy for all Employees

All Rowan University employees must be vaccinated by Dec. 18, 2021 unless exempt. -Photo via

Rowan University employees are now part of a mandatory vaccination policy implemented by the university to be in effect on Oct. 18.

Employees were informed of this decision on Oct. 8 through the Rowan Announcer email service. According to the email,  the reason for implementing the policy is to “provide the reasonably safest work and education environments.”

This includes the Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine employees as well.

Requests for exemption from the vaccine must be submitted no later than Oct. 31 and all employees must be fully vaccinated by Dec. 18 unless exempt. 

If an employee’s exemption is denied, they have the right to appeal the decision to the review committee. 

“The review committee is comprised of representatives of Human Resources, General Counsel, Academic Affairs, and clinical experts as required,” the email read.

If employees do not comply with the new policy, they could face severe consequences from the university. 

“Managers who do not comply with the vaccination mandate requirements or do not comply with COVID testing requirements will be subject to progressive disciplinary action up to and including suspension and termination,” the email read. 

The university considers non-compliance with the policy a violation of their health and safety standards.  The email states it “may be considered insubordinate behavior.” 

According to the COVID-19 page of the Official Site of the State of New Jersey, all employees at colleges and universities need to be fully vaccinated or they will be subject to COVID-19 testing. 

“All part-time and full-time individuals, employed by all public, private, and parochial preschool programs and elementary and secondary schools, including charter and renaissance schools, are required to be fully vaccinated or submit to testing by October 18th, 2021,” the website stated. 

The university maintains that its vaccination policy for employees is a way to keep fellow employees and students safe.

“Again, we hope that our joint efforts will continue to make Rowan a safe and rewarding working and educational environment.  We look forward to working with you to make this happen,” the email said. 

Vaccines are being administered at the Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine, Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid.

Proof of vaccination for Rowan University employees must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources through the office’s website.

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