Steinmeyer: ‘Coco’s Cocina’ is the Perfect Tex-Mex Restaurant


In the heart of Pitman’s downtown sits a modest Tex-Mex restaurant. The sound of Spanish music gets louder the closer I get, and the aromas of fresh tortillas fill the air. 

As I enter the restaurant it’s like I am transported to a different place, the decor is very Mexican-inspired, from the terracotta-yellow color scheme to the poncho hanging on the wall. The music playing sets the atmosphere of the restaurant without being too loud. One of my favorite things about Coco’s is that you can choose where you want to sit. Allowing me to get a seat with a view of the whole restaurant. 

Although the restaurant is not the biggest, it has a cozy and homey atmosphere. 

The restaurant does not serve alcoholic beverages due to Pitman’s strict liquor laws, but they do offer mocktails and virgin margaritas. They also allow BYOB. Many of the customers I saw brought their own alcohol and enjoyed the mocktails. 

I, on the other hand, enjoyed a Mexican soda called Jarritos that was strawberry flavored. It was delicious and not too sweet. The soda was served in a glass bottle, which I thought was a neat addition. 

For an appetizer, I tried the elotes, or Mexican street corn. Who would have thought mayo, Mexican queso fresco, chili and lime would go together? My mind was blown by how delicious it was. From the depth of flavor to the sweetness of the charred corn, combined with the spice of the chili powder in each bite, it was the best thing I’ve ever tasted. It was a delicious and previously unimaginable combination. 

I enjoyed the Pitmanite tacos for my entree, which consisted of chicken tinga, cheese, house-made pico de gallo, and the most amazing avocado creme. The umami in this dish was surprising for a taco. The chicken had so much flavor that with every bite I could taste the spice of the sauce that the chicken was cooked in. What made these tacos even better was the vessel which held the delicious ingredients, the homemade tortillas.

My companion for the evening ordered David’s Chimichanga, which was almost the size of my face. He was able to choose his protein for his chimichanga and the sauce that topped the entree. The chimichanga had a crunchy tortilla filled with delicious pulled pork, Monterey jack cheese, rice and beans smothered in a blanket of queso. The chimichanga was so crispy that you could hear the crunch as it was being cut. Although fried, the chimichanga was not greasy at all.  

While we were too full from our meal to order dessert, the restaurant did offer them on the menu. The options ranged from churros and key lime pie to brownies and cheesecake. 

The service at Coco’s was also fantastic. Sarah, our server, was attentive and friendly with not only our table but with all of the customers. Our food arrived quickly, which was a surprise given how busy the restaurant was. 

Coco’s also offers vegetarian and gluten-free options on its menu. Prices seem reasonable for the amount of food you receive and the food’s overall flavor.  

Overall, dining at Coco’s was a unique, pleasant and flavorful experience. The choice of seating lends itself to either a view of the busy street of downtown Pitman or an interesting peek into the kitchen. 

This was my first time eating at Coco’s and I don’t doubt I will return in the near future. I would highly recommend this restaurant if you enjoy Tex-Mex food or just want to try something new.  

Coco’s is perfect for a date night or just a quick meal with the family. Coco’s also offers delivery through Grubhub if you are looking to stay in but want something delicious to eat. 

For more information, consider visiting Coco’s Cocina’s website or stopping in to see the restaurant for yourself.

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