Unveiling Britney’s struggle: A deep dive into “Britney vs Spears”

"It is brought up that Spears didn’t want her father to be her conservator numerous times. But when mentioned, the statements are dismissed or covered up with lies." - Arts & Entertainment Editor / Al Harmon.

Thirteen years after Britney Spears’ conservatorship we get a new insight into what’s been happening in the pop star’s life.

“Britney vs Spears,” is a documentary that hit the streaming world, ranking No. 3 in popularity for the U.S. on Netflix. Presented chronologically from 2007 to 2021, the documentary shares Britney Spears’ fight for freedom from her conservatorship. 

The film was created by Erin Lee Carr, also known for her docuseries “How to Fix a Drug Scandal,” and journalist Jenny Eliscu, radio host for Sirius XM and contributing editor for Rolling Stone Magazine. Carr and Eliscu worked seamlessly to investigate what happened during Spears’ fight for her freedom. 

The documentary began in 2007, discussing Spears’ drug abuse, her divorce, and the custody battle with Kevin Federline. During this time in her life, emotions were running high. We hear interviews from Sam Lutfi, her former manager, or as Spears called him, a “sometimes friend.” Lutfi was someone Spears’ parents blamed for her public downfall.  

Quickly, we are shown multiple clips of paparazzi chasing Spears as she drives. This led her to drive at high speeds and run red lights to get away. These actions made people fear that something serious could happen to the young musician. 

Felicia Culotto, Spears’ former assistant, refused to talk about the star’s father, Jamie Spears, during her interview. She said that he was absent in Spears’ early career. 

In 2008, Spears’ conservatorship was created to be temporary due to claims that she couldn’t handle being responsible for herself and her finances. Jamie Spears was elected the sole conservator of Spears’ person and co-conservator of her estate with attorney Andrew Wallet, who was appointed by the court. 

The biggest question that Carr and Eliscu had was why Jamie Spears was the conservator and not Lynne Spears, Britney Spears’ mother. 

The documentary stated that multiple people were involved in the conservatorship, not just Jamie Spears and Wallet. Throughout the film, questionable documents are shown or read out loud. One document was about diagnosing the young star with dementia. Why was this the diagnosis for someone so young? The courts ruled Spears unfit to make decisions for herself. 

It is brought up that Spears didn’t want her father to be her conservator numerous times. But when mentioned, the statements are dismissed or covered up with lies. 

Carr received leaked reports from an anonymous source that J. Edward Spar was the doctor who diagnosed Spears with dementia. When Spar was interviewed, he denied his involvement in the reports and denied meeting Spears entirely.

The pop star couldn’t even speak up or defend herself. According to the documentary, Spears attempted twice to get a new lawyer but was denied due to her ‘incapacity’ to choose her representation. 

There was evidence that she wanted to be free of the conservatorship, but this was hidden. 

How hard is it to get out of a conservatorship? That is the question behind this investigation.

“You don’t get out until you scream,” Carr said.

Britney Spears has been a slave to this conservatorship for 13 years. 

Has the legal system failed Spears? In recent testimony from the pop star, we are exposed to the control, mental issues, and a young woman pleading for her freedom.  

“I want my life back,” Spears tells the court at the end of her testimony. 

On Sep. 7 2021, Jamie Spears requested to be removed from his role as conservator and recommended that the conservatorship be terminated. Although Jamie Spears put in these requests, it is up to the court to decide if the conservatorship should end. 

This documentary provides a substantial amount of evidence against the conservatorship. 

Recently, a judge suspended Jaime Spears, conservator of Britney Spears’ finances.

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