My Semi-Terrifying Experience with Creamy Acres’ Night of Terror


The fear is real.

For 25 years, Creamy Acres in Mullica Hill, New Jersey has been putting on one of the most terrifying haunted attractions in the Northeast. Night of Terror is open Thursday 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., Friday, and Saturday 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. throughout October. There are two weeks left to experience the fear. 

This past week, I had the chance to enjoy Creamy Acres Night of Terror for the first time. As I pulled up, I could hear the sound of people screaming from a distance. After passing through the line to redeem my tickets, the smell of a bonfire filled the air. 

Before starting the thrilling experience I noticed vendors selling food and beverages. The vendors offer s’mores kits and fair-type food such as funnel cakes and candy apples. There was also a barbeque stand. The food smelled delicious. 

There are five attractions to enjoy, each scarier than the next. 

It starts off with The Ride of Terror, a haunted hayride where killer clowns, psycho-chainsaw-wielding men, and zombies come out to scare attendees. Waiting for the hayride we stood in line for about 15 minutes. This attraction was absolutely terrifying, cast members jumped onto the tractor to scare everyone on the ride. It was unexpected and caused everyone to scream. 

At first, I thought that the others being scared was hilarious until I was surprised by one of the chainsaws. It scared me to death and made me jump out of my seat. Throughout the ride, we were driven through multiple different scenes which really brought a new level of excitement.

The second attraction was The Harvest. This was a corn maze which oddly made me think of the classic movie “The Children of the Corn.” As we walked through this haunted maze we were greeted by scary clowns and characters that blended in with the corn stalks. 

There were some parts of this maze that were pitch black and I couldn’t see anything in front of me which made my adrenaline soar. Random objects or people,  I couldn’t tell which, grazed me as I passed by and caused me to move even faster to find the exit. 

After the corn maze I didn’t think that I could experience anymore but kept pushing through. The Playground was the next stop on this haunting trip. All I can say is I dislike clowns after this. Clowns used to be funny to me but now, no thank you. For those who enjoy scary clowns, this is the attraction for you. It is a creepy funhouse type of experience. 

The final adventure I had was in the Dark Dreams walkthrough. A true haunted house filled with fears and phobias such as creepy dolls. Night of Terror brings a new twist to any fears and phobias that people experience then turns it up to the extreme. Honestly, this was an amazing way to wrap up the whole haunted attraction. 

There is a fifth experience that is a haunted hayride paintball experience which costs $30 per person but you can do the other four attractions along with this for $80 per person. While just to experience the first four attractions it cost $40 per person. 

At each attraction, warnings were displayed for those who have heart issues, physical ailments, and epilepsy who shouldn’t participate. I thought that this was smart for the operators to think of because they are showing they truly care about their guests. 

Face masks are not required but many guests chose to wear one. 

To go through all four of the haunted attractions took about two hours which included waiting in lines. This night was well worth it and I would recommend going in groups for a truly terrifying experience. 

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