Rowan University 2021 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

The annual Clery report found that crime decreased from 2019 to 2020. - File Photo / Amanda Palma

Once a year, Rowan University releases its annual Fire and Crime report. This report is also called the Clery report, which according to, is “a consumer protection law that aims to provide transparency around campus crime policy and statistics.”

On September 6, in a Rowan Daily Mail email to employees, The University sent the ‘2021 Annual Security & Fire Safety Report.’ 

The report included a message from the Senior Director of Public Safety and Police Services, Reed Layton, stating his thanks to students, staff, and others who may be reading the report. 

The Rowan University Crime Statistics page reported on the Glassboro Main Campus first, with a dramatic decline in certain numbers. 

In 2019 there were 79 cases of domestic violence, but 49 cases in 2020. In 2020, stalking cases decreased from 77 from the previous year to 44. In 2019, there were 89 liquor law arrests 18 in 2020, and 123 drug law arrests in 2019, versus 60 arrests in 2020. 

According to Joe Cardona, the vice president for University Relations and the university spokesperson, the large differences in crime reports are related to the coronavirus. 

“The campus emptied out after spring break 2020 and we had less than 3,500 students living on campus in fall 2020, when we normally have 6,800,” Cardona said. 

Zero hate crimes were reported on the main campus in 2020, and one crime was reported to be unfounded, meaning it was not necessary to report it in the official 2021 document. 

The West Campus (South Jersey Technology Park) had one reported drug law arrest in 2020 as the only reported crime on that campus. 

Zero crimes were reported for the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University campus, the Camden Academic Building, and Rowan College at Burlington County and Gloucester County for all of 2020. 

The Rowan University Stratford School of Osteopathic Medicine had a report for fondling, burglary, and domestic violence, and five reports for drug law arrests. 

Six fires were reported on the main campus in 2020. These fires were located at Chestnut Hall, Edgewood Park Apartments 200, Holly Pointe, Rowan Blvd. 3000, Townhouse 1600, and 230 Victoria St. 

Not only does the university’s fire and crime report offer information regarding the past year, but it also offers student resources and phone numbers. Visit the link to learn more. 

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