Rowan Student Government Association Holds Club & Organization Fair to get Students Involved

SGA's Club and Organization Fair. - Staff Writer / Stephanie Green

Rowan University students were able to learn about organizations and social opportunities during the biannual Club and Organization Fair held by the Student Government Association on Monday, Sept. 21.

Tables with representatives for clubs, fraternities, sororities and organizations were set up along the back patio of the Student Center.

Sarah McClure, the executive vice president of SGA, said that she hoped students found at least one organization that relates to something they’re passionate about and that organizations would have the opportunity for growth.

“I wanted the organizations who were participating to also be able to recuperate from the lower numbers we saw in student groups throughout the pandemic,” McClure said.  “And, overall, just continue to bolster the success of the clubs and organizations on campus and make sure of their longevity at Rowan.”

This fair was notable for being the first to occur in person since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though there were virtual fairs held during the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters, McClure said that they received extremely low engagement. With this being the first fair to be in person again, she explained that she wanted to make it a remarkable experience.

“I really wanted that to be more prominent coming out of Covid, too,” McClure said. “So, I invited a lot of organizations that wouldn’t usually be there — like Employment Opportunities.”

Many of the organizations experienced a lot of interest from students.  One of the newer organizations – having just been founded and approved for petitioning status last year – was Rowan University Puppet Artists (RUPA). TJ Jacobs, the founder and president of RUPA, said they “absolutely” had a lot of interest that day.

“Pretty much everyone is interested in some way,” Jacobs said. “There’s been puppets as long as there’s been people. They’re so ingrained into our lives that we take them for granted.”

Meanwhile, Jordan of the Rowan Environmental Action League noted that they had already filled up one sign-up form, ambitiously adding that the day was not over yet.

Students seemed invested in the amount of organizations available. Annie Cobena, an exploratory studies major, had a list of organizations that appealed to her, singling out “the puppets.”

“There were so many clubs,” Cobena said. “It was overwhelming.”

She did however emphasize that the fair “was nice,” and that she was interested in the pre-vet table — as well as the snake that accompanied the table’s members.

McClure said that if any students were unable to attend the fair, they are still able to find a list of clubs and organizations online at ProfLinks, under the organization tab.

McClure also explained that the next organization fair will likely occur in the ballroom of the Student Center during the Spring 2021 semester. Although planning has not started yet, she said that students should “keep an eye on their emails” for the next event date.

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