Rowan Boulevard’s Cookie Munchers Left Vandalized

Rowan University's Cookie Munchers was vandalized on Friday night. -Photo via/

Cookie Munchers, located on Rowan Boulevard, is on the lookout to find the people who vandalized their store on Friday night. 

On Saturday, Sept. 18, Cookie Munchers in Glassboro, New Jersey posted camera photos to Facebook and Instagram from their store with a statement about the damage.

“Our signs were stolen along with the sign holder being broken. That’s almost $600 in damages,” the Facebook post read. 

Two photos were of the people who allegedly vandalized the store, and the third photo showed the broken sign holder. 

The post also included their sadness regarding a table being broken outside prior to this incident and large amounts of trash outside the store and down the boulevard since Rowan opened back up this fall. 

Cookie Munchers finished the post with one sentence: “The disappointment we are feeling is heavy.” 

According to the Vice President for University Relations, Joe Cardona, extra patrol has been added to the area outside of Cookie Munchers. 

“Rowan Police are working with Glassboro Police to investigate the matter,” Cardona said. 

One day ago, Cookie Munchers edited their Instagram caption on the original photo to say that they had found the students in the photographs and that everything should be settled by Monday, Sept. 20. The caption also noted that a ‘TikTok’ trend may have been the reason their store was vandalized. 

“TikTok is cool and all, but these challenges are going too far. Please do better,” the Instagram caption said.

A new trend has recently emerged on TikTok called the “Devious Lick,” where people vandalize bathrooms, schools, and other various buildings and put them online. It is undetermined whether or not this social media trend is the reason for the Cookie Munchers vandalism. 

The Rowan University Instagram account also commented on their post. 

“We stand with you. We urge anyone who might have witnessed this horrible act of vandalism to please report what you know to the Glassboro Police Department,” the comment said. 

To report any vandalism, call the Glassboro PD at (856)-881-1501, or to anonymously tip, text “GLASSPD” with your tip of information to 847411. 

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