Prof’s Place Wednesday Trivia Nights Returns In Person

Christian, Liz and Jacob from the team "The Hit Disney Channel Show Olivia and Madison" enjoy Prof's Place Trivia Night. - Photo courtesy of Chelsea Valcourt.

The long-awaited favorite activity among students has returned to Prof’s Place. Wednesday Night Prof’s Place Trivia is back after being virtual for three semesters, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While deadlines and essays can pile up, attending trivia nights has allowed students to make an excuse to have fun and take a step back from what sometimes feels like the end of the world. The questions are light, and Prof’s Place becomes the meeting place of students from all majors, backgrounds and ages, allowing plenty of opportunities for meeting new people.

Off-Campus Services & Resources Coordinator Charlie Kuski and Associate Director of Programming & Administrative Operations Lauren Kuski hosted the games alongside Graduate Coordinator for Rowan After Hours & Special Events Mustafa Sabuur. The game previously looked much different, as teams submitted their answers through Google Forms and only met via Zoom.

The game, hosted by members of the Chamberlain Student Center & Campus Activities (SCCA) team, consists of five rounds. In each of the first four rounds, teams of five or less are asked five questions. The teams have a few moments to collaborate amongst themselves, and the chosen team captain will then write their answers on a whiteboard and return it to the hosts at the end of the round.

Questions vary from, “What is the only animal that can’t jump?” to “How many countries are in Africa?” Music, films, animals, science and questions about Rowan are just some of the various topics that the trivia questions stem from. General trivia knowledge has been proven to increase after attending. 

While one host checks answers and tallies scores, the other asks for volunteers to compete in various mini-games. Winning a mini-game could mean bonus points for your team. 

The mini-games vary and many times you are only told what the game is after volunteering. Past mini-games have included a dance-off, mock debate over whether a Pop Tart is a sort of ravioli and a few rounds of the Newlywed game. 

After each mini-game, the top three teams are read out loud and the next round begins. Once all four rounds are completed, each team is notified of how many points they’ve earned that night. They are then told the theme of the final question and place bets on their ability to answer the question.

The more points you gamble, the more you can win and the higher the risk. 

Finally, the winning team is announced and each member on that team earns five Rowan Bucks — perfect for a cup of coffee.

These points are also cumulative, so each week that you win, it adds to your semester total. At the end of the semester, the top point-earning teams have the chance to win prizes such as SCCA swag and more Rowan Bucks.

“It’s fun. It’s challenging. It’s competitive,” said Liz Baginiski from the team “The Hit Disney Channel Show Olivia and Maddison.” 

“The chance to win Rowan Bucks is always fun, and it’s a good time with friends!” Baginiski said.

Although the questions have been a mix of different topics, themed nights are on the horizon. Future trivia themes include culture, sports and a Disney night — a favorite among students. Even if you don’t think yourself an expert on the theme, you may end up surprising yourself with how much you do know.

Trivia nights have become a welcomed tradition for many students. It’s a place where they can make friends, have fun and connect with the Rowan community once again — especially since the pandemic. Not only is it a fun night with friends, but the other players are friendly and the atmosphere is playful and relaxing.

How can you get in on the fun? The SCCA hosts trivia for current undergraduate students almost every Wednesday night in Prof’s Place. Registration starts at 9 p.m., and gameplay starts at 9:30 p.m. All you need is a mask, your Rowan ID and a fun team name.

For more information on Prof’s Place Trivia, or to view the full calendar of Student Center semester activities and events, visit the SCCA website here.

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