VIDEO: Rowan Students Reflect on Lack of Spring Break as Finals Approach


Spring is in the air… and so is finals week.

Rowan decided against spring break to avoid another spike in COVID-19 cases. Recent news and videos of college students partying in Florida stand as a testament to the decision.

However, not all students agree with the decision. Carly Rowcotsky, a sophomore, says the university should’ve given students mental health days rather than nothing at all, and she’s not the only one to think so.

According to an Instagram poll that I put on my story, almost all the Rowan students that answered said they feel overworked, burnt out and tired.

With finals starting on May 1, students are in full gear studying, taking notes and reading lessons. But it’s clear that the lack of spring break may negatively impact some students’ performances on their exams.

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