Editorial: Introducing Your New Co-Editors-in-Chief and Our Goals Moving Forward

This week's editorial shares the hopes and goals of the incoming Co-Editors-in-Chief for the fall 2021 semester. - Graphics Editor / Jana Jackstis

As the semester winds down and graduation approaches, like the rest of the senior class, much of the staff here at The Whit will be embarking on new journeys beyond the cubicles of 6 East High Street. 

And while we’re sad to see them go, we’re excited for the challenges and opportunities that next semester will bring. This week’s editorial is written by two new people — your Co-Editors-in-Chief, Helena Perray and Joel Vazquez-Juarbe. 

New editors means a new agenda and double the trouble — which also means double the work to get done.

At the top of our checklist, we hope to expand our staff here at The Whit. If all goes according to plan, campus will be open for in-person learning next fall, which means there will be more events to cover and content for writers to get their hands on. From sports to news to arts and entertainment, there’s a story opportunity for every writer at Rowan. 

With the uncertainty of COVID-19 restrictions entering into next semester, we can only hope that fall will bring a plethora of sports games, in-person events and live entertainment.

And, if you’re reading this: congratulations, you know that Rowan has a school newspaper. Sadly, many students aren’t so fortunate. As the new editors-in-chief, we want to spread the news (no pun intended) about The Whit. To accomplish this goal, we’re going to increase our social media presence through the promotion of student work and interaction with our online audiences via lives, polls and surveys. We hope to be the Glassboro community’s source for the latest Rowan news. 

However, The Whit isn’t the only university news outlet. The Rowan Television Network (RTN) is Rowan’s very own broadcasting organization. RTN has a variety of shows, including a weekly newscast, “RTN News,” and covers on-campus events and games. As editors, we want to bridge the gap between the two organizations in order to cover campus news as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Before serving as the editors-in-chief, we served as the features and multimedia editors. The Whit worked hard to get the multimedia section off the ground this semester, and by producing videos and photos every week, news coverage has been taken to the next level. But why stop there? This fall, our goal is to make sure that every piece that is published has a multimedia component added to it. Whether it be an accompanying video or photo gallery, adding visuals will help the stories come to life.

Having these various goals in mind, it is with a great deal of excitement and ambition that we welcome the experience of being co-editors-in-chief. The Whit office has continued to serve as a revolving door of growth, inspiration and content creation for students and faculty alike, and we hope to continue these efforts in the coming year. 

It’s with a bitter-sweetness that we say goodbye to our graduating staff, but eagerly welcome next semester and the new editorial team that it will bring.

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