Rowan University’s Jace Cane Pours His Heart Out in Debut R&B EP “Spaced Out”


Heartbreak never sounded so smooth. Jace Cane, a new artist based out of Rowan University, is releasing his debut EP, “Spaced Out,” on Friday, April 30. As a four-song project focusing on love and love lost, it combines throwback R&B beats with mesmerizing melodies behind a sultry voice. Each song brings a different flavor, from powerful belts and hooks to seductive Spanish serenades. Jace Cane is ready to steal your heart.

“Spaced Out” marks the beginning of Jace Cane’s (Jorge Acevedo) music career. Born in Puerto Rico and hailing from Camden, NJ, Jorge is no stranger to music. His family has a lively connection with music: his dad’s side played various instruments for fun and work. His brother learned to play guitar, while Jorge found his musical knack through singing, having sung for his church since 6th grade.

Jorge attended Camden’s magnet school, Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy, where he went through an intensive performing arts curriculum and developed his individual voice. Through the school’s talented choir programs, he had the opportunity to sing at various competitions, from Philly to Poland and even down to the great New Orleans. Some of his personal highlights include performing at Carnegie Hall and getting to sing for Pope Francis in 2016. 

After graduating from high school, he began his studies at Rowan, pursuing a bachelor’s in music industry with goals of working in A&R, where he could collaborate with artists and like-minded people. It was there where he started to gain a desire to make music. He was able to experience what it’s like to perform on stage, write songs and market himself thanks to Rowan’s top-tier industry program. From there, he began working on his art. With the help and advice of his peers, including his friend and current manager (and author of this article) Alexander Brown, Jorge set out to make a name for himself under the stage name Jace Cane.

Jace Cane is an R&B singer-songwriter that aims to bring back a classic sound while still keeping it modern and fresh. He’s a bilingual performer with stories to tell, and he’s not afraid to air out his troubles. “Spaced Out” focuses on ventures in love and the toxicity that can come about from flawed relationships. Touching on themes of lust, desperation, longing and addiction, this project brings an element of “hopeless lover boy” while developing a catchy sound and vivid lyricism. 

Cover art for “Spaced Out,” available on streaming platforms this Friday. – Photo courtesy of Alexander Brown

The EP features four songs that work in tandem with each other. “Cherry Pie,” the opener, focuses on the topic of addiction, both in a metaphorical sense with the addiction to a toxic love and a literal sense with drug abuse. It circles around the theme of “so bad but it feels so good.” 

Then we move into “Shooting Star,” a song that speaks on reminiscing on the past when the present feels so lost. It acts as the calm before the storm as we transition into the title track, “Spaced Out.” This is where the relationship reaches its end, as both sides realize the love is gone. 

The EP closes with “Isolophobia,” which is the fear of being alone. This track showcases the aftermath, as Jace has to struggle with his thoughts and issues while adjusting to life alone.

“Spaced Out” by Jace Cane releases this Friday, April 30, on all streaming platforms.

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