“RMG Next Up” Compilation Album Highlights an Assortment of Up-and-Coming Talent

Rowan Music Group logo. - Photo via RMG

Rowan Music Group (RMG) has released its compilation album for the spring semester, titled “RMG Next Up,” available now on Soundcloud, Audiomack and YouTube

RMG is a student-run record label through Rowan’s music industry programs’s Artist Services (I-III) courses, which is where these artists were discovered. Students in the classes are divided into nine departments depending on the individual’s interests, skills and qualifications. The main purpose of Artist Services I is to release the compilation album, giving students valuable industry experience of marketing, promoting and publicizing along the way. This diverse mixtape has a wide range of genres and artistic styles, but predominantly hip-hop. 

The first two tracks, “Piece of Mind” by M.I.T.R.A.E. and “Sauced Up” by LamarxLegend, showcase these two rappers’ supreme flows as well as their emotional songwriting ability. This is followed up with “Keep it 100” by professionally trained R&B singer/songwriter Jayla Alexandra.

The three subsequent songs blend elements of hip-hop, pop and R&B in their own unique ways. G-therz brings two features, Mister Morgan and RICHPAI, with him on his track, “Westside Connection,” which is more or less a traditional hip-hop record. LUCY and PGXS both display strong versatility in their Rap/R&B songs “See The World” and “Sheep Dreams,” respectively. 

The album shifts gears for tracks seven and eight with Skylar Springer and Mother Leeds. “Polaroid” is a heartbreaking, gentle song written and performed by Skylar Springer, which brings a pleasant change-up to the energy of the album. “Glass Walls” by Mother Leeds maintains this energy with its alternative-driven, indie-rock sound. Mother Leeds is a Philly-based garage band that dropped its debut album, “Before the Fall,” earlier this year.

The ninth and final song of the compilation flips back to hip-hop with Phreezy’s ambitious record, “Dumb Expression.” The New Jersey rapper shows off his versatility by switching up between rapping the verses and singing the hook. 

Click here for more information on the nine up-and-coming artists featured on “RMG Next Up.”

RMG’s previous compilations are available on Soundcloud, Audiomack, YouTube and Bandcamp. Most recently, “Quarantunes” was released during the hectic month of April 2020. Using professional grade equipment and facilities, RMG works with students and local artists to record and promote new music as well as develop their brands. RMG also organizes events such as livestream performances, release parties, Grammy viewings and more. 

Be on the lookout for RMG’s two singles coming this month: Daniel Cha drops his song “Do Not Lie” this Friday, April 16. “Coded Lines” by Jima will be out Friday, April 23.

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