Lindsey Hofschneider during a meet. Hofschneider is a junior distance runner for the team. - Photo / Rowan Athletics

The last year has been physically, mentally and emotionally draining for all who had to struggle through it. For someone like Rowan distance runner and junior Lindsey Hofschneider, maintaining her endurance has never been more important.

Her journey in cross-country started back in her middle school days, after switching from softball thanks to inspiration from her older brother who was a senior track athlete. Hofschneider took care of the rest, thriving in both outdoor and indoor environments. When it came time to transition to college cross-country, significant challenges were posed.

“The biggest difference between high school and college was the emphasis on endurance,” Hofschneider said. “There was not as big of an emphasis on it in high school; it was more about speed. The training was also a huge transition. Running with the girls in practice was high caliber, and I enjoyed running with girls as committed as I am.”

In regards to this commitment, coach Derick “Ringo” Adamson could not agree more. He was able to recall a specific moment of Hofschneider in action with her dedication on full display.

“She’s a fighter who refuses to give up,” Adamson said. “She may not have been a number 1 or 2 runner, but she is always competing like she is one. She leaves everything out there, and that determination was huge when they won the [New Jersey Athletic Conference] meet at Stockton.”

Hofschneider equally enjoyed this moment, citing this victory as her favorite team moment on the squad thus far. She could not have been prouder of how her teammates showed up and performed that day, and her innate personality allowed her to enhance that performance.

“I’m a very dedicated person,” Hofschneider said. “Once I start something, I stick with it. Track is a self-motivated sport, and cross-country is based on yourself. Sticking with it despite bad days and workouts is critical, and you definitely have to be dedicated to do this. I’m a pretty competitive person as well, and I’m competitive with myself and others. I’m always trying to raise the bar each and every meet.”

Thanks to these impeccable qualities, Adamson and his assistant coach Scott “Coz” Costello have strongly considered naming Hofschneider a captain once she enters her senior season. For her, this honor would be like no other.

“Ringo and Coz have alluded to that the last couple of months. I would love having that leadership role and I enjoy communicating with the team,” Hofschneider said. “They’re like my sisters, and I love talking and hanging out with them. It would be awesome for my team to bring more structure that way as well.”

Based on Hofschneider’s illustrious track record and character, awarding her the captain’s role appears to be a foregone conclusion. Leading by example resides at the core of the squad’s foundation, and nobody does that better than the grinder herself. With Lindsey Hofschneider at the forefront of this youthful and talented cross-country team, the sky is truly the limit.

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