Flyer for the "Rowan Bootleg Sessions" virtual performance. - Photo via Liam Devenny

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues into its first full year of changing our everyday reality, live music has once again found a way around the chaos. 

The touring and promotion class for Rowan’s Music Industry program will be hosting “Rowan Bootleg Sessions,” a virtual live performance featuring a variety of local bands and musical artists performing original material.

The show, set to air at 8 p.m. on YouTube on Wednesday, March 17, has been entirely coordinated by the students, each individual having a specific role that contributed to the show taking place. Some students had a hand in bringing the performers in, while others communicated directly with the artists to ensure that all materials (such as videos, promotional photos, clips of songs, etc.) were sent in. Another group of students contributed with video editing, and worked closely with the group in charge of graphic design and promotion. 

The artists performing for the “Rowan Bootleg Sessions” include Sonic Blume, Jake Dario, Icemann and Daniel Cha. 

Although this will be a “live” show, due to COVID-19 restrictions as well as the cold March weather all performances from the artists have been prerecorded and sent to the editing team to be stitched together and made whole. 

This show also features sponsorship from The Music Barn in Mullica Hill, who will be offering a free ticket for viewers to their first show of the spring season on April 24 with artist Kate Yeager. In order to qualify for a free ticket, viewers must take a screenshot of the “Rowan Bootleg Sessions” concert on YouTube, post on Instagram or Facebook and tag The Music Barn.  

The other sponsor is Free All Minds, a non-profit organization founded by Rowan University 2020 graduate Riccardo Dale. Free All Minds is an organization dedicated to helping school children develop the tools they need to succeed in the world, such as learning about entrepreneurship, academics, life skills and more. 

Collaborating on a project like this during COVID-19, when all meetings and communication must take place virtually, is a daunting task for those within an industry that usually requires in-person meetings and group work, and it is only fair to give them credit and recognition along with the artists they are promoting.

The groups include Eric Krassow, Mary Millar and Alex Sterling who did work for artist management, Emma Bell-Black and Liam Devenny who worked on the audio and editing for the concert video and Aidan Smith, Alesandra Gonzalez, Matthew Stypa and Kyle Thompson who were a part of the design and marketing team.  

There has never been a better or more important time to support your local, up-and-coming artists. While musicians, music venues, brands and other artists have shown their adaptability during this chaotic time, they are still very much in need of the help and support of their fans and audience. 

Show up for your local music scene on Wednesday, March 17 at 8 p.m. on the Rowan Bootleg Sessions” YouTube page. We hope to “see” you there!

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