Rowan SGA responds to student behavior on a student-wide email chain. The original email was sent by a graduate student soliciting participants for a survey on their academic experiences at Rowan. - Graphics from Rowan SGA, Pixabay

Editor’s Note: This opinion article was written by Camryn Hadley, who is the Student Government Association (SGA) Assistant Vice President of Public Relations and Special Events. Hadley sent this to The Whit on behalf of SGA.

On Feb. 11, 2021, a Rowan graduate student sent out her survey to all Rowan undergraduate students as part of her degree requirements for graduation. The survey was centered around awareness of sexual violence initiatives at Rowan. As most know and saw, a large number of students replied all to the message. It is important to remember that we are all the same Rowan community and need to support each other in a positive way.

The Rowan Student Government Association encourages all students to participate in surveys that they feel comfortable taking. These surveys not only help other students and their graduation endeavors, but help enact change on campus.

SGA loves to see students engage with each other. It is important more now than ever to keep constant communication. However, SGA promotes positivity and respect as a part of our communication. We are all one Prof family, and should see and treat others as such. When responding to emails from professors, classmates or anyone, remember to be respectful and contact only the specific person you need to address.

Dr. Drew Tinnin, the associate vice president of student life, wants to remind students of the importance of these graduate student surveys. These surveys help contribute to scholarly knowledge and research at Rowan, but perhaps more importantly your input through these surveys can benefit the student experience at Rowan. Surveys are a chance for you to use your unique experience to provide insight to campus leaders.

Many graduate students are required to conduct research to earn their degree. As a Rowan community we should strive to help other students and our campus community. All Rowan students, regardless of major or degree type, all want the same thing: a great life, an amazing Rowan experience and an empty email inbox.

Overall, Rowan SGA wants to remind students of the importance of these surveys and respect. SGA encourages all students to voice their concerns, so feel free to contact

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