This is where the magic happens. - Multimedia Editor / Alex Rossen

Every Wednesday evening, our team of editors is hard at work to make sure each weekly issue is the best it can be. Here’s an inside look at another day in the office for Rowan’s official campus newspaper!

This socially distanced setting is where the magic that is our weekly newspaper happens!
Our Editor-in-Chief, Kalie VanDewater, gives every article from every section a quick once-over before they get published.
Managing Editor Tara Lonsdorf is responsible for handling all of The Whit’s finances.
Current Features Editor Helena Perray (left) leads The Whit’s features section, though she’s always happy to recieve tips from former Features Editor Mohammed Fuad. No features article goes up without her editing it first!
As Arts and Entertainment Editor, senior Luke Garcia is in charge of designing the newspaper pages, as well as editing all articles for his section every week.
Our copy editing team, featuring all-stars Taryn Guetler and Vee Concepcion, work tirelessly proofreading every publication to make sure they follow the rules of AP formatting.
Multimedia Editor Joel Vazquez is hard at work putting together designs for the front and back pages of the paper. This department is also responsible for editing and publishing all film and photo stories!
Enjoy our paper! – The Whit team

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