In this article, Harkinson explores date and event options for Valentine's Day during the pandemic. -Photo via

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, let us reminisce about the ways that we once celebrated this special occasion.

Maybe we treated ourselves and went out for a fancy, quiet dinner with whomever we chose to spend the day. A common pastime would have been going to see a late-night movie with that special someone, or doing something outdoors when the weather permitted.

Before COVID-19, we did not have to think twice about any of the simple things when planning how we were going to spend the most romantic day of the year. This year, however, will look a bit different. Whatever you choose to do this Sunday, now is the perfect time to think about the resources that you have right at your fingertips.

Whether you live on campus or commute, the streets of Rowan Boulevard are occupied with restaurants and businesses that will help make Valentine’s Day enjoyable for couples and singles alike. If you really want to go the extra mile for that certain someone, consider seeing what is open and available off Rowan’s campus.

Although there is no longer an early curfew regarding indoor dining, curbside to-go is just as efficient, and more sensible for the time being. The semester is now upon us, and, sometimes, easy tasks like cooking for ourselves can be an afterthought.

Why not spend this Valentine’s Day ordering a well-made dinner at restaurants like LaScala’s Fire or Chickie’s and Pete’s on Rowan Boulevard? With favorites such as Italian-style pasta, baked lasagna, classic crab fries and much more, you cannot go wrong with whichever delicious meal you choose.

Rather than engaging in the day’s usual festivities, how about trying something that is out of your comfort zone? Primitive Axe, located right in Glassboro, is a place that most likely sounds familiar. This axe-throwing venue is offering five different packages for couples and singles this entire weekend in celebration of the upcoming occasion.

Ranging in affordable price points and accommodations, this exercise is a sure-fire way to release some stress. It may not be traditional, in the sense that you are partaking in something semi-aggressive on a day centered around love, but considering all that we have endured for the past year, it couldn’t hurt to let off a little steam.

Spending the day in the comfort of your dorm, or home, is just as equally valuable, and saves you a pretty penny. Not only will you stay warm in this cold weather, but you can take the time to do something that you always wanted to do.

Why not consider binging a show that you love on Netflix, like “Cobra Kai”? Or perhaps you want to make a few Zoom calls to friends and family that you miss, and cannot wait to see. One thing you can do that is always free, and feels the most rewarding, is spending the day with a special person of your choice.

No matter what your plans are for this Valentine’s Day, remember that you have multiple new and exciting options. Try something that you have never done before. If you are feeling like the semester has caught up to you quickly, dedicate the day to some rest and relaxation.

Spend your time with the people that matter the most to you, whether it be virtually or by way of social distancing. As long as whatever you choose to do is safe and responsible, treat yourself to some much-deserved fun.

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