SUP celebrates the start of the spring semester with their carnival night. -Image courtesy of Melissa Ulmer / Assistant Director of Marketing & Student Programs

Student University Programmers, also known as SUP, hosted one of Rowan’s first in-person events for the start of the spring semester. With social distancing and safety protocols in place, all seven committees came together on the back patio of the Student Center to inform students about the program itself and upcoming events.

The SUP Carnival gave students the opportunity to engage in a multitude of fun activities, such as a ring toss, a memory game, balloon popping and more. Those who won an individual game went home with a fun prize, such as a package of popcorn for a movie night in.

Not only were attendees able to do things like share their favorite song on the live director’s playlist board or see lights that are used at different SUP events—which was provided by the Tech Services Committee—but students had the chance to take home a raffle basket complete with multiple snacks and exclusive SUP giveaways. Those who visited every table had a second chance to win this main prize.

As in-person gatherings at Rowan begin to make their return, SUP plans to help students feel a sense of normalcy moving forward, with health and safety being their priority. The president of SUP, 21-year-old Dylan Regan, will continue to work towards building a stronger connection between students and the Rowan community, especially during this time of uncertainty.

“We hope that SUP will be able to continue providing safe, welcoming and inclusive environments for our campus community, whether online or in-person,” Regan said. “We hope to continue with our calendar, while following strict safety guidelines presented by Rowan University and the CDC, and hope to have a virtual aspect to all of our events for our friends studying remotely.”

As the semester progresses, SUP will host a wide array of events for students to participate in, such as weekly movie nights and a Winter Festival of Giving. There will also be more listed on the program’s ProfLink page in the coming weeks.

“We have some great annual events—like St. Baldrick’s Day—and some new events, like Winter Wonderland, Broadway at Home and even events to give the Spring Break experience, like a performer and Food Truck Festival,” said senior Camryn Hadley, the vice president of SUP.

Even with the challenges that COVID-19 has brought to Rowan’s campus, clubs and organizations, SUP has found ways to continue to grow.

“Like many clubs, it’s hard to outreach to new students. Although we have gotten a few new members, thanks to social media and ProfLink, SUP loves teaming up with other clubs in our co-sponsorship program,” said Hadley. “We believe if we partner together, we can make the most out of the year, and bring in new students to carry on the legacy.”

This student-run organization provides many benefits for those who are looking to branch out and grow as a leader within their major.  It is also a great outlet for students when they feel as though it’s time to take a breather.

“Our goal is to supply our Rowan community with an outlet to de-stress. We recognize that mental health is an important facet of being a student, and align our goals with the social dimension of the Rowan Thrive campaign for this reason,” said Regan. “Our mantra is, ‘always fun, always free food, always lit,’ and we make sure to keep every student in mind when planning events. Our goal for the campus is to serve the community’s needs, and provide a fun way to strengthen connections between students. Our goal for our committee members is to provide them a welcoming space where they can develop as leaders.”

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