Rowan Students Share Study Habits and Time Management Tips for Midterm Exams

With midterm exams going on, it's important to have study habits that can pave the way to a passing grade on the exams. - Image via

Rowan University has officially begun midterm exams! Exams can be stressful, uneasy and can take a toll on any student preparing for them. It’s challenging studying for multiple classes and trying to excel in each course. Rowan students Kariyah Bennett, Joseph Rotondo and Katherine Amrhein shared what their study habits are and how they prioritize their time. Education is very important to them, as they express how they cope with exams. 

Kariyah Bennett, Radio, Television and Film major

“For studying…I like to study with friends whenever it is possible, to mainly keep a hold of my attention span. Also, I like to take breaks every hour or so to give myself time to absorb information.” 

Kariyah expressed that studying with peers helps her stay on track, because other people can motivate you and give you that extra push that you might need. It’s a team effort, and it’s remarkable how she gives herself that break to relax and take it easy before going back in study mode.

Joseph Rotondo, Civil Engineering major

“I look through notes and example problems from the lectures. If there’s a study guide, I make sure to know that material very well. I also redo all quizzes I took from the semester for more practice to prepare for midterms.”

Joseph’s study habits include looking thoroughly through the PowerPoint lectures and doing quiz problems over again. This way, he can be sure he knows the information very clearly and he’ll excel in his midterm exams.

Katherine Amrhein, Sports Journalism major

“My studying strategy during midterms is to create study guides for each class. Typing or writing out your notes in an organized, bulleted fashion is key to memorization during a test. I would also try to review my study guide at various points in my day to keep the information fresh in my mind.”

Katherine makes sure she creates study sheets in order to nail every question and answer correctly. This method helps her understand and remember the important information. Reviewing her study guide throughout the day helps her not forget anything. 

Overall, these are some key points to help stay focused on midterm exams!

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