10 Local Musicians and Bands You Should Check Out

Jackson Zabransky (left) and John Kelly-Keifer (right) of Denim Mob performing in 2019. - Photo via Max Photography

If you’re looking for local musicians to support, Glassboro has an exceptional pool of talent for you to listen to! With Rowan University being the home to musicians and music groups of many genres, there’s something for everyone to listen to. Below you’ll find just a few of the many talented musicians and bands that are in the Glassboro area.

Solo Artists

1. Kenz Rowan U

Kenz’s new EP “Half Full” is available to stream on Soundcloud. – Photo via B Mensch Photography

First on this list is Makenzie Martin, who goes by the stage name Kenz, and is a triple threat singer/songwriter/rapper from South Jersey. Her 90s-esque songs bring meaning back into hip hop and R&B. The Rowan Music Group native sings and raps about several issues and topics, some personal and others relatable, but each piece has a meaningful message. Her recent EP “Half Full” is currently available to listen to on the music website Soundcloud. You can find her Soundcloud profile here and her Instagram profile here

2. Whyte House Productions – Rowan U

Whyte House Productions is a self-taught, solo musician who collaborates with other fellow musicians. The man behind the production group, Nathan Whyte, creates alternative and electronic music, which is not a typical genre combo, but it totally works in his new song “Earth Quake.” This musician creates music with meaning and purpose, and you can tell he puts everything into every song he creates. “Earth Quake” is a beautifully-created song that seems to be positive and uplifting. The lyrics “Would it be okay, when/if the sun break the clouds that mask the frame, you’d do what it takes to let the light in?” resonate with me in that it feels like the message is “promise me you will not give up even when things get bad.” Whyte House Productions is another Rowan Music Group native. You can find Whyte House Productions’ official website here and his Facebook page here. 

3. Ryan Cook Music – Glassboro, NJ

Ryan Cook of Ryan Cook Music is a Willow Grove native who performs covers of songs in Glassboro. His covers range from Blink-182 to John Legend to Coldplay, so there’s no doubt that he’s immensely talented. Ryan Cook Music performs at weddings and other events, and he’s also a children’s entertainer. One of Cooks’s recent performances was at a wedding ceremony where he performed a medley of songs for a crowd that really enjoyed him! He has a five-star rating on multiple websites, so if you’re looking for a live cover performer, look no further than Ryan Cook Music. You can find more information about Ryan Cook Music services on his website.

4. Andrew Moorer – Glassboro, NJ

Andrew Moorer performing passionately with his hand raised. – Photo via andrewmoorer.com

Andrew Moorer is another cover artist/singer/guitarist based in Philadelphia. He is known for his thrilling performances given his great stage presence and ability to excite his audience through his musicianship. Moorer performs at a wide range of events utilizing both his classical roots and musical influences from the likes of Bruno Mars and The Beatles. He recently performed a cover of “Silence” by Khalid and Marshmello that you can find on his website. He has a few private and public upcoming events, with one on Halloween at Sharrott Winery at 1 pm in Hammonton, New Jersey. You can find more information about Andrew Moorer and his upcoming performances on his official website

5. Austin Ellis – Glassboro, NJ

The last solo artist I enjoyed reviewing and listening to in the Glassboro area is Austin Ellis. Another singing guitarist, Ellis performs a variety of music from different genres and even some original songs. He can be recognized from NBC’s “The Voice” where he made it to the first Battle Round singing “Happy” by Pharrell Williams before he was defeated by his opponent, Josh Kaufman. Besides being a live performer, Austin is also an emcee and DJ, which is perfect for any event you might be hosting. His recent album, “Coming of A.G.E.,” is featured on his website and can be purchased for $9.99. Some of his songs on this album that I enjoyed are “Words,” “I’m No Fool” and “Old Soul.” For more information about bookings and his music, you can find Ellis’ official website here


1. Denim Mob – Rowan U

The first music group I really enjoyed listening to is Denim Mob, another Rowan Music Group native. This band is comprised of Jackson Zabransky, John Kelly-Keifer and Anthony Melograno. Denim Mob has performed at events all over the Delaware Valley, including many here at Rowan University. Denim Mob’s recent release is their EP titled “If Not Now When,” where the songs are described to have defined the band over the years. I really enjoyed the song “In Your Eyes.” For more information about Denim Mob, you can visit their official website.

2. Pastelephone – Rowan U

Bashira Khan (left), Don Dewitt (middle) and Sydney Elizabeth (right) of Pastelephone. Their EP “Over” is available on all platforms. – Photo via Pastelephone

Another group from Rowan University is Pastelephone, made up of members Bashira Khan, Sydney Elizabeth and Don DeWitt. This band does a mix of covers and original songs in the Glassboro area. These artists also put heart and soul into their performances, and after watching their “Rowan Battle of the Bands” performance, I really might stream more of their music. They emphasize how important it is to stream local music and support small business, which I am a strong supporter of as well. Their recent release is their cover of “Do I Wanna Know?” by the Arctic Monkeys, which you can find on their Facebook page. For more information about Pastelephone, you can visit their official Facebook page

3. Castles in the Sky – Glassboro, NJ

Castles in the Sky is a duo comprised of Sarah Goldbloom and Christian Brandt. The Glassboro duo offers multiple services besides live music; they are also an affordable DJ duo and provide karaoke and emcee services as well. They are another highly rated music group, so if you’re looking for a group to provide entertainment for your events, check this duo out! One of their recent performances was at a beautiful wedding ceremony where they provided DJ services. You can find highlights from that ceremony on their Facebook page. For more information about Castles in the Sky, look to their official Facebook page.

4. Elegance String Quartet – Glassboro, NJ

Elegance String Quartet performing waterfront. – Photo via Kelli Wilke Photography

Elegance String Quartet is a Philadelphia-based group that plays many unique arrangements of songs. The talented musicians in this band are Alfiya Latypova, Aisha Dossumova, Jennifer Boorum and Rajli Bicolli. They are not a typical string quartet; they’re much more modern with their LED-lit instruments and digital jukebox, two things you don’t see everyday from a string ensemble. They perform at a variety of events, including weddings. One of the songs that’s featured on their Soundcloud is the famous “Sweet Child O’Mine,” originally performed by rock band Guns N’ Roses. For information on booking the Elegance String Quartet, check out their official website

5. Sweet Pill – Rowan U

The last band I wanted to talk about was Sweet Pill, another group at Rowan University. The members of Sweet Pill are Zayna Youssef, Jayce Williams, Jack Meidel, Thomas Papaccio and Chris Kearney. Their sound is quite unique, drawing inspiration from Paramore and Hop Along. They have made a name for themselves in the Glassboro area as they have done really well on local charts and signed with the Philadelphia-based label Hope Records. Their debut release “Lost In It” is just a sample of the talent that each member has in this band. You can find their songs and more information on their website

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