Mothers hold a special role in our lives. - photo via

Thin, wrinkled smile

Tobacco-stained teeth 

Shoes worn down, bus stop’s ten miles,

At last, she can finally breathe.

Decades worth of weight

Have been gathered on her shoulders.

The world may underestimate,

Don’t forget, mothers can move boulders.

Some boulders larger than mountains,

At all costs to protect her child,

Fiercely she’ll attack, but don’t forget you must stay grounded.

For monkeys see and monkeys do, don’t let yourself get wild.

Oh how easy to let slip the mind,

All that Mom-moms do.

I wish I had the gift of time,

Time’s all I want with you. 

After time with me, you’ll have more fun

With those you’ve always loved.

So laugh and dance, don’t be shy

You’ve waited long enough.

Waited long enough to put yourself first, it’s about time you do

Wife, Mommy, Mom-mom, these names you proudly wear 

An abundance of love they carry, I wish you only knew.

A one-way ticket, eternity with you, I’d pay any fare.

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  1. This was the most beautiful poem I ever read. It brought back some wonderful memories for me touched me so much I was crying. Kudos to the author!!!!!!!!!