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This year, we have had the privilege of hearing five new singles from Ross and Rocky Lynch, better known to their fans as The Driver Era. After many promotional posts on Instagram and Twitter, their newest single “Fade” was released across streaming platforms last Friday, Sept. 25.

The duo formed in early 2018, after unexpectedly disbanding their family group, R5, which had been performing across the globe since 2009. The brothers have brought forth sounds of alt-rock funk to the music scene, far from the traditional pop sounds they previously created. Since their formation, the duo have released several music videos and singles (including “Preacher Man” and “Afterglow”), embarked on a national tour in early 2019 and released their debut album “X” in June 2019.

The release of “Fade” teases their upcoming second album, though a release date has yet to be announced. With a laid back beat and nostalgic undertone, the duo have successfully created another feel-good tune for listeners’ ears. 

“Fade” instills in its listeners the promise of better days ahead, while trying to keep what we love close:

“It’s all just gonna fade away/ We’re all just gonna fade one day/ In hope of better times I’ll wait/ But do you have time to hold on with me?”

This message rings true to the current situation our own world is in, providing a glimmer of hope as the pandemic remains prominent despite experiencing the fear of those close to us or our favorite aspects of life leaving without a trace.

Both brothers have reflected on their own struggles during the height of quarantine when their desires for musical inspiration failed to come to fruition. In an interview with Tmrw Magazine, Rocky gives his perspective on this situation.

“I think a lot of people were able to take time to be introspective and reconnect with themselves…we weren’t super inspired to be making music. Then, after a few months had gone by, it all came back, and we started again,” Lynch said.

Through Rocky’s insights, fans are able to view “Fade” as an ideal model of said frustrations experienced by the pair during social isolation: trying to find the positives in being stuck in one place, knowing one day it will be a distant memory that will indeed, “fade away.” By becoming a relevant soundtrack to the lives of The Driver Era’s members, it has, in turn, become a theme of optimism and encouragement for listeners to hold on to the most vital aspects of their lives.

The duo doesn’t plan to stop releasing new tracks just yet; The Driver Era is slated to release a new single every month for the remainder of the year. Tour dates in North America, The UK/Europe, and South America have been postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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