My spring break softball trip to Florida was not what I expected. As we arrived in Florida on the 19th, we found out terrible news that same night. My team and I just arrived at our beautiful houses for the week when my coach told us we had to report home immediately.

That wasn’t all; we were then told that our season was officially canceled as well. The room was silent and we all stared at each other with puzzled looks. We had a million questions.

Never in my life have I taken a day trip to Florida. The amount of changes that took place on that one day was insane. We went from a relaxed mindset to a chaotic one. My coaches had to work together to try and find the earliest flights home for the team. Although that was a concern, we made it home safely the following night. 

This situation couldn’t have been worse for our seniors. Finding out their season was over in the middle of Florida was not ideal. They couldn’t help but cry. All of the hard work they put in the last four years has come to an end. This same thing goes for all of the hard work the entire team put in to be let down. This was not how I expected my first season at Rowan to play out, as well as my junior year. 

In the same sense, it all doesn’t feel real. As I prepare for online classes for the rest of the semester and not being a college athlete until next year, it is a hard pill to swallow. I am sure many others are feeling the same way I do, and it is extremely unfortunate. I hope as a Rowan family, we all get through this and come back stronger. 

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