What to do on spring break without breaking the bank

Spring break is a great time to have fun and relax without having to worry about school. There are many ways to enjoy the week off without breaking the bank. - Photo courtesy of ameriforce.net

Spring break is a great time to have fun, enjoy a week off from school and spend time with family and friends. It’s a sign that spring is almost here and that nice weather is almost upon us. A lot of college students usually spend the week off by going on vacation, usually to warm weather places so that they can get away from the erratic weather that exists in New Jersey. 

It seems like a fun idea to go to California, Florida, Puerto Rico or the like. The sad reality, however, is that it is also expensive to go to these places and most college students are broke and can’t afford to go on such trips. 

Don’t worry, though: there are many things you can do during spring break without breaking the bank. Here are things you can do during spring break while maintaining a good budget. 

Go on a road trip with friends and family to places such as Atlantic City, New York City, Philadelphia and even the nation’s capital. Hit up the Tanger Outlets in Atlantic City to do some shopping. If you’re 21 and up, hit up the casinos and gamble a little and hopefully you win some money, but if you lose, well, at least you got to experience the thrill of gambling.

Explore New York City and the famous attractions there. Check out The Metropolitan Museum of Art, take a tour of the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square and more. Take a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, overlooking the East River and basking in the view of the Manhattan skyline and maybe enjoy a New York-style pizza.

Philadelphia is a solid 20-minute drive from Rowan and, if you’re from the area, that is a great place to go. Grab a cheesesteak or a Philly pretzel and do some sightseeing of the city. Check out the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Liberty Bell and more. You can also run up the steps and raise your arms up to imitate the Rocky statue. Philadelphia has so much to offer due to its rich history and is something worth checking out.

This is quite a drive compared to the other places listed, but the nation’s capital is something to definitely check out. Stroll through the National Mall, where you can tour around the historic landmarks such as the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol Building. 

As you’re walking, you can also look at your own reflection in the Reflecting Pool. Check out the Smithsonian museums — what’s great is that there is no admission fee, you can walk in for free. It’s a great trip that you won’t regret. 

There are other things to do besides going on a road trip. You can always catch a movie with friends and family, go to a concert or a festival or even do some outdoor activities. Play some sports, like basketball, or go hiking. Go bowling and have dinner with your friends. Ride your bike since the weather is starting to get nice. You can do the little things that you normally aren’t able to because of school, so that’s a nice, small break to have.

Speaking of nice weather, you can always go camping. Pack some food, a tent and sleeping bag and get that camping trip started. Explore the outdoors and everything that nature has to offer. 

If camping isn’t your style, go on a picnic with friends and families. Bring some cooked food with you and just sit down, relax and spend time with one another. Bring your significant other to make this picnic a romantic one, especially with the nice weather. Eating, talking, sharing a few laughs and stories; it’s very cheap and something that can be looked back on.

If it does get a little chilly outside, that’s not something to frown upon. Every problem has a solution. Grab some firewood, a lighter and some snacks, maybe some marshmallows, graham crackers and Hershey’s chocolate bars. Find a designated spot, set up the firewood, light it up and voila: we have a bonfire, like a picnic except there’s fire involved, where you can spend time with friends, share a couple of stories and enjoy some delicious s’mores. The plus side is that the fire will keep you warm.

It’s tough sometimes, not being able to take a trip to locations where beaches are accessible and warm weather is a given. It’s expensive and not everyone has the finances to afford trips like that. The envy of seeing students post on social media enjoying their trip to Florida or Puerto Rico is a tough pill to swallow. 

But it’s not the end of the world, the activities listed above are a great way to still enjoy the week off from the stress and workload that college entails. You can always make memories while still keeping your bank account at a sufficient level. Who knows? Maybe these are just baby steps to finally having the money to go to Florida!

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