Gourmet Dining goes green all week long

Mike Howell, a senior marketing major, helps with Gourmet Dining's green initiative. The initiative is a push make the dining services on campus more eco-friendly. - Staff Writer / Maggie Leenas

Gourmet Dining, Rowan University’s sole food vendor, put their focus on strategies to help the environment during the second week of March. In celebration of Stop Food Waste Day, Gourmet Dining set up tables in the Student Center’s Marketplace, Holly Pointe Cafe and the Recreation Center to get students to join their efforts in going green.

Skip the Straw was an initiative created by Gourmet Dining to help the university become more eco-friendly. It’s an attempt to get students to do just what it says and get them thinking about how little things, like using a straw, can greatly affect the environment. If students pledge to skip the straw with Gourmet Dining, they received a reusable straw with a straw cleaner.

Rowan University and Gourmet Dining also teamed up with the Food Recovery Network in order to prevent food waste on campus. Every Tuesday and Friday, food is collected from both the Marketplace and Holly Pointe Cafe and compiled to be given to local shelters, including women and children shelters.

“I think it makes a good name for Rowan in the community,” said Eden Edelson, a senior health and physical education major. “It’s showing we aren’t putting what isn’t used to waste, we’re giving it to those in need.”

Mike Howell, a senior marketing major and a marketing intern for Gourmet Dining, took part in the events that occurred all week on campus. 

“We’re definitely trying to make the world cleaner,” said Howell. “We’re trying to convince students that we’re meeting them halfway.”

Gourmet Dining is also attempting to start new initiatives on campus, more specifically cutting down on the to-go containers in the Marketplace. In order to reach as many students’ needs as possible, Gourmet Dining encourages all students to reach out to their social media pages.

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