Women’s track adding the finishing touches before NJACs

Myiah Sturdivant runs in a relay. Photo / Rowan Athletics.

“I call it seasoning up,” said Coach Ringo Adamson. “If you want to cook a good piece of chicken, you need the right seasoning.” 

Just another one of Adamson’s famous analogies.

With the New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) Championships on Monday, Adamson compared the preparation for the meet, to the preparation of a meal.

While puzzling at first, the analogy makes sense once you really break it down.

When you’re making a meal, in this case a chicken, you already have the key components before you start. You of course have the chicken, and the grill. But to really make your meal shine, you need the seasoning.

This week for Rowan is when they add that seasoning to the team. The talent is already there. Adamson knows that. For this week though they need to train and prepare, working out all the little things.

That is the seasoning for Rowan Track.

“For our sprinters we make sure to get our starts down,” Adamson said. “Our distance runners, get the speed part down. The biomechanics work, the technique stuff, it’s all the little things.”

That’s the seasoning.

The key for a week like this is truly buying into the training. No one has fully bought into the team mentality more than Captain Myiah Sturdivant.

Sturdivant this week called for a team meeting to get everyone up to speed, and make sure nobody falls behind in the preparation for NJACs.

They’re hoping everyone on the team is ready to give it their all and find the perfect seasoning in their recipe for success on Monday.

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