Rowan After Hours hosts super event, Marvel v. DC night

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Continuing the trend of having events curated for those who enjoy nerd culture, RAH hosted its Marvel v. DC night on Thursday, Feb. 20.

Joe Scafiro, the student programming coordinator at RAH said, “This is programming for people who don’t like to go out and party… We like to give people something to do regardless if they can pay for it or not… so hitting a wide variety of genres is very important to us.”

After the trend of superhero culture and the success of films such as “Endgame,” it’s no wonder why the superhero-focused night was proposed.

Dana Yarem, a sophomore physics major, commented that the night was a good opportunity to meet people with a passion for all things hero.

“This is a carefree event with people with similar interests. I’m excited to meet a lot of people who are like me,” Yarem said.

The superhero-focused night featured New York-style sketch artist drawing personal portraits of your superhero alter ego. Many others left with custom pictures of favorite superheroes and villains such as Wonder Woman, Loki and Superman.

Patrons at RAH were able to color in their pictures with crayons and decorate the portrait with stickers. This artistic trend continued through the ability to create a superhero t-shirt with stencils and paint. Many artists chose to freehand pictures of their favorite heroes and villains. 

Meanwhile, there was a superhero trivia event where superfans were able to show off their knowledge of everything superheroes. During intermissions, fans were able to share superhero-themed jokes with the audience. 

At the end of the night, two themed boxes, one Marvel and one DC, were raffled off to two lucky prize winners. These boxes included goodies such as mugs, posters, socks and superhero-themed children’s toys.

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