Ciconte’s Pizzeria’s true appeal is more than just its pizzas

Ciconte's Pizzaria in Glassboro offers a wide variety of pizzas, sandwiches, wings and other Italian staples. - Food columnist / Jacob Marks

Ciconte’s Pizzeria is the classic pizzeria we all know and love. Their menu features Italian casual dining staples such as pizza, calzones and strombolis, with a wide selection of wings, sandwiches and pastas to enjoy.

When I asked my server for recommendations, I was met with excellent customer service as he pointed me towards wings, his favorite sandwich and, of course, a pizza. After a short wait, I received a pizza steaming hot and fresh from the oven, a stacked sandwich, and an arrangement of large wings.

Expecting average pizza, I was pleasantly surprised when almost every aspect of it was better than I anticipated. There was a good crispness to it allowing the slice to keep integrity through folding and eating; plenty of cheese, allowing for that iconic cartoon cheese stretch; and crust that had a beautiful crackle with a great flavor to it.

While the pizza was delicious, it did not come without its pitfalls, as I did notice that there was a distinct lack of sauce on it. Along with that, a piece I had a few minutes later had become floppy from excess moisture build-up from the pie’s heat. My suggestion is that if you’re going to get the pie, eat it as soon as possible to avoid this problem.

This pizza, along with most, is best consumed within the first five minutes of being made and won’t disappoint you at the end of the day.

Overall, Ciconte’s pizza mixed classic New Jersey and Philadelphia styles of pizza, which makes sense geographically. I would recommend this and gladly get it again with a few friends.

Next on the menu was a heaping serving of wings. Having wings is a staple of any pizzeria– if you’re going to call yourself a pizza place, you’d better have good wings (not over- or under-cooked, too dry or too greasy) to go along with it.

Ciconte’s has a few choices of sauce to choose from: honey barbeque, sweet Thai chili, mild and hot. I was recommended the mild as it’s the most popular among orders, which came with a side of sliced carrots and blue cheese dipping sauce. They were a good size, where I could get a couple bites out of each one, as opposed to tiny wings where after one bite I’m done.

The wings had an excellent crunch along with a tender and juicy interior. The sauce brought a savory appeal, which provided a sweeter side with subtle heat. They were cooked well and had good texture, and I enjoyed them complimenting the rest of the meal.

Ciconte’s mild wings are expertly prepared and tossed in high-quality and flavorful sauces. Photo – Food Columnist / Jacob Marks

Finally, I ordered the recommended sandwich called “Anna’s Chicken Cutlet.” The sandwich is a chicken cutlet with tomato, fresh mozzarella, arugula, homemade pesto and a balsamic reduction all atop a rustic roll.

Simply put, this sandwich was magnificent. It’s a wonderfully-constructed sandwich that provided a light and refreshing taste. The chicken cutlet was beautifully cooked and well seasoned along with the complementary ingredients standing out on their own. All the toppings highlighted a refreshing taste of Italian food while not being too filling.

This is a perfect lunch sandwich, and I will most likely go back again in the near future to get another one.

“Anna’s Chicken Cutlet” sandwich is a highlight off of the Ciconte’s Pizzeria menu. Photo – Food Columnist / Jacob Marks

Overall, Ciconte’s Pizzeria offers a great experience at a very affordable price where you can also use your Boro Bucks. With great food and kind customer service, there’s a good chance that you’ll find me there for lunch again.

Ciconte’s has made great strides to appeal to college students as a luncheon setting, and it very much shows with its renovated interior and seating for customers to be able to enjoy their food as soon as it’s ready. It was a very welcoming setting, great for small groups. If I were to take a large group, it might be more advantageous to either call ahead or have a pick-up order as seating is sparse.

Whether you’re there for a quick lunch or a Happy Hour Slice for $1 on Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., I can recommend Ciconte’s Pizzeria as a great place to eat.

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