Dear Destiny: Dating Woes


Dear Destiny, 

Where do I find someone to date? I’m tired of being single. – Dating Woes

Dear Dating Woes, 

Honey, if you find out, please tell me. I feel as though I tell my readers a little too much about my love life (or the lack thereof). But trust me, I understand your struggle. Honestly, I feel like my relationship status is, “looking for a miracle” these days. 

Still, there’s no point in giving up your search for a bae. If I haven’t given up, Dating Woes, you can’t either. Deal? Deal.

Still, I think it’s important to tell you that there’s no point in looking for love. I used to think that I would find someone my freshman year and they would end up being my forever person. After freshman year ended I thought to myself, “Well … this is happening later than expected.” Still, I remained optimistic. I truly believed that I would find someone soon. A few months ago I was told by a psychic that I would find love, “much, much later than expected.” After that sobering news, I realized that searching for love wasn’t horribly important. 

Is basing my love life on advice from a Rowan-hired psychic smart? Absolutely not. But it’s as much of a sign from the universe as I’ll ever get. Thank you very much. 

But I digress. The thing is, I believe in love. And I think that everyone has their great love out there. Whether it is a lover, a friend or even a pet. I think that if you are meant to be with someone, you’ll end up together somehow. And more than likely, you’ll find this person when you are least expecting it. 

In the meantime, you should put yourself out there. Although I have a love-hate relationship with dating apps, it’s the staple for 21st century dating. It’s important to make sure that you are able to talk to someone that you really like. Dating apps, as annoying as they are, taught me that potential love interests were just like me: nervous hopefuls looking for a connection with another person. 

During the “putting yourself out there” stage, it’s important to have a relationship with yourself. If you can’t stand being single, you are more than likely going to settle for less than what you deserve. I like to tell myself that I’d rather be alone forever than with the wrong person. In the words of RuPaul, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

Maybe if you can’t fathom being single, you could try to date yourself instead. Although it’s completely radical, I do believe that you can be the love that you were waiting for. Whoever else comes along is just a bonus. Good luck, Dating Woes, I believe in you. 



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