Ophelia Hotass participates in RAH's Drag Bingo at Rowan University. Photo Source / Instagram

Bingo night got a little more interesting this past weekend when Rowan After Hours hosted $1,000 Drag Bingo in the Student Center Pit, with Philadelphia drag queens Onyx Black and Ophelia Hotass invited to the stage to host.

Along with calling numbers and making the occasional snarky comment, the queens were gracious enough to grant students with a short drag show between rounds. Between the prizes and the entertainment, the event was by far one of Rowan’s most lively and popular bingo nights.  

The Student Center Pit was already packed by 9:30 p.m., and students continued to walk in as the game began at 10 p.m. Ophelia and Onyx were animated hosts, and soon found out that Rowan students take bingo night very seriously.

Staples of Rowan bingo nights include the mandatory cheering when O-69 is called, replying “… and after!” when B-4 is called and yelling when the caller dares to read a number belonging in the N row when playing a game of diagonals. The queens were amused by this, and encouraged the crowd throughout the night. 

Among the prizes were various kinds of Rowan apparel, makeup packs, including gift cards to Sephora and ULTA, as well as gift cards to Olive Garden, Domino’s Pizza, Burger King, Wendy’s and Dunkin’ Donuts.

There were also gift cards to American Eagle, Express, headphones.com and of course the coveted Rowan blankets. One of the notable prizes of the night was a box donated by True Colors, an LGBTQ+ group on campus, that included rainbow decor, coloring books, markers, stickers and a pop socket. 

Between rounds, games were played by volunteers. There was a game of bowling and a game of “Man, Bear, Taco” on stage. As entertaining as the games were, the audience still anticipated the promised drag show. Thankfully, they weren’t disappointed. 

Ophelia and Onyx took to the stage again, this time not to call numbers, but to give the crowd a dramatic show. Onyx was the first to perform, dancing along to various Ariana Grade hits. Ophelia performed later on in the night, using music from Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Lizzo throughout her performance. Both shows energized the crowd and were enjoyed by all. 

Once the night drew to a close and the last of the prizes were won, everyone who was left empty handed still had something to hold onto: the fried raviolis offered at the food bar that night. The game lasted until about 12 a.m., and though many people left disappointed in their losses, everyone won a night of entertainment. 

For those who missed the show, no need to worry. Ophelia will be back with more friends on April 18 for “Dinner and a Drag Show” in the Student Center Pit. 

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