“Accoutrement and Consumption" is currently on display at the Rowan University Art Gallery. - Staff Photographer / Nadir Roberts

“Female,” originated from Latin origin ‘femella,’ diminutive of ‘femina’: a woman.

Unique, being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

“Art” is an underrated word to describe a great body of work created by a one of a kind artist.

This is because “Accoutrement and Consumption,” Misty Gamble’s exhibit at the Rowan Art Gallery, is an immersive experience that challenges perceptions of gender.

Students, professors, and the public gathered around to hear the significance of this exhibit. Not only was the exhibit in depth, but the rich history and meaning behind feminism, empowerment, and devotion of the female body will remain historic while also being left a mystery. 

Misty Gamble is a ceramic sculptor that was selected to be the 2020 Artist in Residence. She also teaches Intro to Ceramics in Rowan’s Art Department as an adjunct while balancing teaching at Maryland Institute College of Art, as well.

“I grew as the daughter of a father who was internationally performing and making puppeteer, so I’ve been around art all my life,” she said.

Misty Gamble is currently Artist-in-Residence at Rowan University. – Staff Photographer / Nadir Roberts

From a young age, Gamble was exposed to the world of art in all forms. By immersing herself into this self expression, she took the initiative to work with performing arts with music, theater and sculpting.

Gamble’s endless tenacity, determination and love for art led her in the right direction. She named her exhibit featured in the Art Gallery “Accoutrement and Consumption” and is here to stay until March 7. 

Hannah Scarpelli, junior graphic design major, is one of many students who attended the artist talk to gain insight into the exhibit.

“I chose graphic design because I’ve always loved art and graphic design seems like the best outlet to my work,” she said. “I saw the fliers all around campus about this exhibit and I went to the last opening and it was really interesting to hear about the work from the artists perspective, so I wanted to give it another shot.” 

The actual work that she puts in will never fail to be real and self expressive. Her interest is in the human body specifically as a woman, our bodies as animals, as well as entities on Earth in central themes.

Misty Gamble is interested in exploring the female form through art. – Staff Photographer / Nadir Roberts

“I’m interested in creating objects in multiples that allows us to be engaging,” Gamble said. “I would like my audience to experience the experience of ‘you and me and the work itself.’”

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