SGA welcomes in new semester

Kevin McCarthy speaking during an SGA Senate meeting with SGA President Arielle Gedeon in the background - Photo via / Alexander Heller

The Student Government Association (SGA) kicked off the new semester on Monday night in Pfleeger Concert Hall, the newest home for Rowan’s foremost governing student body. After a moment of silence in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, the senators got down to business.

SGA President Arielle Gedeon highlighted Rowan University’s mental health initiatives including Rowan THRIVE. The initiative aims to help students develop critical aspects of a healthy life in numerous areas, such as physical, social, emotional, community and financial well-being, while helping to identify a student’s overall purpose and motivation in day-to-day life. THRIVE can be accessed through Rowan’s website and provides access to university tools, including fitness classes and counseling.

Alternate Student Trustee Kyle Perez met with Rowan’s Board of Trustees to discuss updates to the “master plan” for Rowan’s new construction. As of right now, this schedule is not concrete; however, it gives students an idea of when to expect these new additions. Those who wish to see the plans are encouraged to reach out to Perez.

Discovery Hall is the newest addition to the Glassboro skyline, expected to be completed by the winter of 2021. Students can also expect an addition to Wilson Hall, as well as a renovated Bunce Hall by the fall of 2021. New freshman housing is also expected to finish construction towards the end of 2021, while sophomore housing will be completed in 2022.

Rowan’s Class of 2023 are in the unique position to see the entire plan come to fruition. If all goes according to plan, many buildings in Rowan will either be new or renovated by 2022.

Perez also announced a significant change regarding how students can view where their fees are going to more transparently.

“We met with the budget and finance committee. The student fee structure is under a new piece of legislation called the transparency act,” Perez said. “New Jersey public schools have to be more transparent with their student fees. Be on the lookout for a shopping-list kind of photograph on social media, which will outline all of the student fees you pay to go to Rowan.”

In addition, Perez announced a new resolution passed by the budget and finance committee to address mental health concerns on campus.

“Resolution 10 at the budget and finance committee said that there would be a budget and contract of $250,000 which is going towards mental health programs and well-being initiatives on campus,” Perez said.

SGA’s Executive Vice President Jason Fisch wanted to remind senators to sign up for this year’s Organization Fair, which will be held in Chamberlain Student Center’s Eynon Ballroom on Feb. 4 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Jason Brooks announced that Rowan’s new parking violation forgiveness program is now live; Food for Fines works by donating canned goods to The Shop at Rowan Boulevard. These donations will help pay for your parking ticket.

The SGA passed a new resolution, which provides $2,500 towards marketing costs for Rowan’s safety app, Safe Quest. This app isn’t just designed for Rowan, however. The Senate voted to endorse the app last semester.

The app’s developers are Rowan mechanical engineering majors Chris Carras, Stephen Kovarik and Mark Hausman. The app is now on iOS and has several useful safety features that Rowan students would benefit from using.

The next SGA meeting is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. at Pfleeger Concert Hall.

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