Carlee Timmins swims in an event last season. Photo/ Rowan Athletics.

This week, I attempted something new and unique. 

Instead of the traditional, dull sports story summarizing a team’s performance or the game’s takeaways over the weekend, I elected to add a twist to this week’s edition of the team’s segment: an intriguing Q&A session with Senior Carlee Timmins and Head Coach Elise Blaschke. 

Fresh off a needed-Thanksgiving break and the three-day Worcester Polytechnic Institute Invitational (WPI) meet approaching this weekend, I had the opportunity to sit down and interact with Timmins and Blaschke. Both revealed a small portion of their personalities and discussed a glimpse of their lives, an occasion athletes and coaches rarely arrive at.  

With that being said, let’s get straight to it. 

*Senior Carlee Timmons will be indicated as “CT”

*Head Coach Elise Blaschke will be indicated as “EB”

How did you first get into the sport? 

CT: “My dad swam when he was a kid, so I started swimming at the summer club that he swam at. Me and my older sister swam together so I just kept going.”  

EB: “I started swimming when I was five at a team called Saint Rose in Gloucester County at the YMCA. My parents had me do it to do it … swimming just kind of stuck and I think over time it turned out bigger than I thought it would ever be.”

Who inspired you throughout your career?

CT: “[My dad] is definitely the main reason why I swim because he comes to all my meets and keeps track of all my times … and my mom used to run marathons and I swim the mile, so it’s distance-swimming and distance-running so she also inspires me.”

EB: “An integral part of my coaching career and swimming as a child was Tony Lisa, the previous coach here at Rowan.”

Favorite swimmer? 

CT: “Katie Ledecky … I think about her every single time I’m in the water, she’s so amazing and is so good at what she does. I just want to be everything that she is.” 

EB: “Natalie Coughlin was a swimmer I really admired. And when I was younger I really had a big love for Katie Hoff; by the time I got to high school, I was swimming in a meet and I got to swim against her. She kicked my butt, but it was really cool.”

If you could play another sport, what would it be? 

CT: “Track … it’s the same thing [as swimming] but on land. But also, something that is not cardio-intensive. Something that is completely opposite, like bowling.”

EB: “I would have loved to play volleyball.”

Any other talent you would like people to know of?

CT: “I’m pretty flexible. That’s cause I stretch all the time. I can put my leg behind my head.” 

EB: “I played the piano for 15 years, so I’m musically inclined to some capacity.”

Type of music you listen to before meets? 

CT: “Punk-goes-pop songs … it’s punk bands that sing pop songs so I know all the words, but it’s also high-tempo so it gets me super excited.”

EB: “In college, it was the rap scene. Meek Mill was just coming up so I was into that. And probably a remixed version of ‘Day ‘N’ Nite’ by Kid Cudi.”

Preferred music in general?

CT: “Rap music or whatever I feel like listening to.”

EB: “Alternative and acoustic are my favorites.” 

Favorite artist: 

CT: “[the late] Mac Miller, Frank Ocean, Brockhampton.” 

EB: “Jack Johnson, Donavon Frankenreiter … Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter III’ was my all-time favorite.”

And to add some spice to the conversations, I decided to ask “rapid questions” which sparked priceless reactions. 

Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook? 

CT: “Instagram.”

EB: “Instagram.”

Netflix, Hulu or Disney Plus? 

CT: “Netflix.”

EB: “Netflix but sort of Disney Plus.” 

Vine or TikTok?

CT: “Vine.”

EB: “Vine.” 

Favorite superhero?

CT: “Spider-Man.”

EB: “I’m gonna have to skip.”

A superpower you wish you had? 

CT: “Flying.”

EB: “Teleportation. More importantly, so I can maximize my time. I hate wasting time, I hate being in a car…” 

Have any pets? Favorite one?

CT: “Three guinea pigs, two hamsters and one dog. The guinea pigs are my favorite.” 

EB: “Little dog, dogs are my favorite pets.”

Favorite country you ever visited?

CT: “Mexico.”

EB: “France.”

Favorite holiday? 

CT: “Christmas.”

EB: “Christmas.”

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