The men's swim and dive team lost to NYU 180-120 on 10/26/19. - Multimedia Editor / Christian Browne.

The men’s swimming and diving started the season off with a tough loss against talented opponent in New York University.

The Profs split in first place finishes with eight each, but NYU’s depth was too much for the Brown and Gold to handle, and they lost 180-120 overall.

A freestyle relay consisting of Jake Kayati, Dylan Regan, Dominick Sheppard and Kevin Gillooly picked up a win in the 400 freestyle relays (3:09.87) and the profs also got the win in the 200 medley  (1:34.13). The 200 medley team consisted of  Kevin Gillooly, Matt Grubb, Jake Kayati and Dylan Regan.

Gillooly also finished first in the 100 and 200 backstrokes and Regan took first in the 50 and 100 freestyles. Among others were Chad Shire (diving first place) and Kevin Yanagisawa (200 butterfly second place). 

There were a lot of great things to takeaway from the meet.

“Being able to put an All-American like Kevin Gillooly in a different event and having Dylan Regan step up and win the 50 and the 100 definitely shows our depth in that event,” Head Coach Brad Bowser said.

Senior Matt Grubb admired the team’s continued positive attitude.

“We want to win,” Grubb said. “The attitude was great and we were ready to go. NYU is just a tough team, especially for October.” 

Despite the tough loss the team and coaching staff took a lot from the matchup.

“The team knows how NYU swims at the end of the year versus how we swim at the end of the year,” Bowser said. “We are setting ourselves up great for the end of the season and NCAAs. We have five weeks until our next midseason, that’s where our focus is at.” 

With a substantial break coming, the team is remaining focused on their goals and putting in the work inside the pool.

“We are trying to keep the team focused on their personal goals and keep the leaders involved,” Bowser said. “We also want to keep everyone in the pool and in shape.” 

Grubb added that they’ll use the break to work on technical elements.

The team definitely seems to have their head in the right place and a week of work should allow them to further their preparedness.

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