The AFT State Day of Action


The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Local 2373 held an event Wednesday, Nov. 20 inside of Savitz Hall at Rowan University.

Throughout the day and early afternoon, students, staff members, professors, adjuncts and other members of the community came to show their support, signing a banner in support of the local union to receive new contracts.

Workers of the events were handing out posters saying “Fair Contract Now!” to professors and staff coming in; hoagies, cookies, chips and water were also provided to people who attended the event. T-shirts, pins, playing cards, pens, flashcards and other merchandise were also available and on display free for anyone to take with them.

Event workers handed out poster to people who attended the event. – Multimedia Editor / Christian Browne

According to Jonathan Foglein, the negotiator for AFT Local 2373, they have been fighting for a livable wage that reflects the increased cost of living. Furthermore, he is negotiating to improve the benefits of workers and to give professors more of a say in their lectures and class structure.

Lori Block, who is the chair of community awareness for AFT 2373 and helped to organize the event, was very delighted by the turnout and support that was received. According to her, Rowan President Ali Houshmand came to lend his support and signed the banner; he has been helping AFT Local 2373 to receive their new contracts.

Rowan University was not the only one to hold this event as seven other universities held events throughout New Jersey, as well.

Meetings are scheduled throughout next month and can be found on their website.

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